What is another word for Savage? | Example Sentences with Savage


In this article, I’ll provide you example sentences with “Savage” and another word for Savage. Explore the different ways to express the concept of “Savage” through examples.

“Savage” refers to someone or something that is fierce, wild, and untamed, often associated with brutality or a lack of civilization. It can also describe an act or behavior that is cruel, aggressive, or brutal.

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Origin of “Savage”

The term “savage” originated from the Middle English word “sauvage,” which came from the Old French word “sauvage,” meaning “wild, untamed.” Throughout history, the term has been used to describe individuals or groups considered uncivilized or living outside the bounds of civilization.

What is another word for Savage?

Here is the list of another word for Savage:

  1. Feral
  2. Barbaric
  3. Uncivilized
  4. Wild
  5. Brutal
  6. Cruel
  7. Violent
  8. Untamed
  9. Ferocious
  10. Ruthless
  11. Uncouth
  12. Inhuman
  13. Inhumane
  14. Vicious
  15. Merciless
  16. Bloodthirsty
  17. Harsh
  18. Aggressive
  19. Uncultured
  20. Unruly

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Example Sentences with Savage

Here is the list of example sentences with Savage:

  1. The savage lion hunted its prey with deadly precision.
  2. The savage tribe lived deep in the dense jungle, far from civilization.
  3. The explorer encountered a savage pack of wolves while trekking through the wilderness.
  4. The savage storm wreaked havoc on the coastal town, leaving destruction in its wake.
  5. The villagers lived in fear of the savage bandits that roamed the area.
  6. The savage fight between the rival gangs resulted in multiple casualties.
  7. The savage attack by the enemy forces left the village in ruins.
  8. The savage warrior brandished his weapon, ready for battle.
  9. The savage beast let out a fearsome roar, sending chills down everyone’s spines.
  10. The savage predator stealthily stalked its prey through the dense forest.
  11. The savage horde of invaders plundered the peaceful settlement.
  12. The savage warrior tribes clashed over territorial disputes.
  13. The savage storm tore through the land, uprooting trees and causing chaos.
  14. The savage criminal showed no mercy as he terrorized the innocent townspeople.
  15. The savage seas tested the sailors’ skills and courage during the storm.
  16. The savage dog growled menacingly, warning anyone who approached.
  17. The savage barbarian tribe had a reputation for their brutal raids.
  18. The savage wilderness presented numerous challenges for the explorers.
  19. The savage attack on the defenseless village shocked the entire region.
  20. The savage battlefield was strewn with the fallen soldiers of both sides.
_Sentences With Savage

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In conclusion, the term “savage” carries a strong connotation of wildness, brutality, and lack of civilization. It is often used to describe individuals, behaviors, or situations that are aggressive, untamed, and harsh. While the term has historical significance, it is essential to recognize that labeling people or groups as “savage” can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and prejudices. Instead, promoting understanding, empathy, and compassion can help bridge cultural divides and foster a more inclusive and harmonious society.

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