Christmas words that start with A


Join me as I compile a list of Christmas words that start with A, offering a festive glimpse into the English language.

Welcome to our festive exploration of Christmas words that start with A! The holiday season is all about warmth, joy, and the magic of traditions. In this blog post, we’ll dive into a jolly collection of Christmas words, sharing their meanings, and even incorporating them into short sentences for a touch of holiday cheer.

Verified for accuracy, the Christmas words that start with A listed here, all have been sourced from reputable references. Source: Your Info Master.

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List of Christmas words that start with A

Christmas vocabulary starting with A is designed for students in grades 1 through 10. Below, you’ll find a list of A-themed Christmas words to support their learning. I hope this proves beneficial!

  • Abiding
  • Abundant
  • Acceptance
  • Accepting
  • Accumulation
  • Acknowledge
  • Adoration
  • Adoring
  • Adorn
  • Adorning
  • Adornment
  • Adulation
  • Advent
  • Affably
  • Affection
  • Affinity
  • Agape
  • Agapeistic
  • Aglitter
  • Aglow
  • Allegiance
  • Alluring
  • Altruist
  • Ambrosial
  • Amiably
  • Amity
  • Amusement
  • Angel
  • Angelic
  • Angelically
  • Angels
  • Anniversary
  • Announcement
  • Anointed
  • Anticipation
  • Antler
  • Antlers
  • Anxiety
  • Apparel
  • Appetite
  • Appreciate
  • Appreciation
  • Ardently
  • Aroma
  • Aromatic
  • Arriving
  • Artificial
  • Assemble
  • Attend
  • Attentively
  • Attraction
  • Awaited
  • Awaiting
  • Awe

Detail about Christmas words that start with A

For your convenience, I’ve provided the meanings of over 53 Christmas words beginning with A, ensuring their accuracy through validation with globally recognized dictionaries.

1. Abiding

The word “Abiding” refers to a feeling or memory, such as Christmas memories, that lasts a long time. It signifies a deep and enduring connection, like the abiding love for cherished holiday traditions.

2. Abundant

“Abundant” describes a state of having plenty of something, such as presents, food, love, or holiday cheer. It conveys a sense of richness and generosity, especially during festive occasions.

3. Acceptance

“Acceptance” is the action of consenting to receive something, like a Christmas gift, or undertaking something offered. It reflects a willingness to embrace and acknowledge what is given or presented.

4. Accepting

“Accepting” refers to recognizing the fact or importance of something and acknowledging the truth. In the context of Christmas, it involves expressing gratitude for the holiday’s significance.

5. Accumulation

“Accumulation” signifies the acquisition and gradual gathering of something or a mass quantity of something. For example, one might have an accumulation of Christmas snow globes collected over the years.

6. Acknowledge

To “acknowledge” means recognizing the fact or importance of something and accepting the truth. In the Christmas context, it involves expressing gratitude for gifts or the holiday itself.

7. Adoration

“Adoration” is the deep love and respect for someone or something, akin to worship. This term often applies to the profound love and reverence felt, especially during the Christmas season.

8. Adoring

“Adoring” signifies expressing deep affection and admiration for someone or something. During Christmas, people often engage in adoring gestures toward loved ones and festive traditions.

9. Adorn

“To adorn” means to make something more beautiful or visually attractive. In the context of Christmas, it involves decorating spaces and objects with festive embellishments.

10. Adorning

“Adorning” refers to the act of decorating or embellishing, often associated with enhancing the beauty of surroundings during the Christmas season.

11. Adornment

“Adornment” is something that adds beauty or decoration, typically in a decorative accessory or ornament. In the context of Christmas, adornments include festive decorations that enhance the holiday spirit.

12. Adulation

“Adulation” refers to excessive admiration or praise, often directed toward someone’s accomplishments or positive qualities. During Christmas, adulation may be expressed for exceptional holiday preparations or generosity.

13. Advent

“Advent” can mean expecting the arrival of a significant person, thing, or event. It is also the period leading up to Christmas, starting four Sundays before, observed with fasting and prayer.

14. Affably

“Affably” describes being at ease in talking to others and having a friendly mannerism. This quality is especially valuable when hosting or attending Christmas parties.

15. Affection

“Affection” represents a feeling of kindness, fondness, or liking. During Christmas, people often experience heightened affection for family, friends, and the festive spirit.

16. Affinity

“Affinity” is a spontaneous liking or sympathy for someone or something. During Christmas, individuals may have a natural affinity for specific holiday elements like snowmen or elves.

17. Agape

“Agape” describes having one’s mouth wide open, especially when feeling surprised or in a state of wonder. It can relate to the awe-inspired expressions during Christmas festivities.

18. Agapeistic

“Agapeistic” may describe actions or expressions associated with a state of wonder, awe, or being moved emotionally, similar to the open-mouthed astonishment during Christmas celebrations.

19. Aglitter

“Aglitter” means glittering with reflective light, as from a Christmas tree or other holiday decorations. It emphasizes the shimmering and sparkling aspects of festive adornments.

20. Aglow

“Aglow” refers to a bright light or reflection that is glowing extremely bright. During Christmas, the term can describe the radiant illumination of holiday lights and decorations.

21. Allegiance

“Allegiance” involves pledging loyalty or commitment to a superior individual, group, or cause. In the context of Christmas, it might signify devotion to holiday traditions or community celebrations.

22. Alluring

“Alluring” means being powerfully and mysteriously attractive and seductive. It can describe the irresistible appeal of treats or decorations at a Christmas party.

23. Altruist

“Altruist” denotes an unselfish person whose actions express concern about the welfare of others. This trait is especially commendable during the Christmas season when acts of kindness are prevalent.

24. Ambrosial

“Ambrosial” refers to something of the worth of the gods or a succulently sweet fragrance. For example, a holiday jam might be described as ambrosial, filled with delightful flavors.

25. Amiably

“Amiably” describes someone who is very chatty in a friendly and pleasant manner. This sociable quality is particularly appreciated during Christmas parties and gatherings.

26. Amity

“Amity” signifies a good, friendly relationship, such as the camaraderie among coworkers. The term may also extend to the joyful interactions during a Christmas party.

27. Amusement

“Amusement” involves enjoying something, finding something funny, or encountering something that causes laughter. It can include entertainment shows or lighthearted moments during Christmas celebrations.

28. Angel

An “angel” is a spiritual being believed to be a messenger of God, often represented in human form. Angels are commonly associated with Christmas, symbolizing peace and blessings.

29. Angelic

“Angelic” describes a person, animal, or thing acting in an angel-like manner. During Christmas, children may be referred to as angelic, embodying innocence and goodness.

30. Angelically

“Angelically” refers to doing something in a good, kind, and attractive manner, akin to the behavior of an angel. It can describe graceful and benevolent actions during the Christmas season.

31. Angels

“Angels” are spiritual beings believed to be messengers of God. During Christmas, angelic figures are often used as decorations, symbolizing peace and blessings.

32. Anniversary

“Anniversary” refers to the date on which a significant event happens every year or the celebration of an important event. It can include commemorating the opening of a holiday store or the start of Christmas traditions.

33. Announcement

“Announcement” is a notice sharing exciting news, such as the birth of Jesus. Announcements can play a crucial role in spreading joy and significant events during the Christmas season.

34. Anointed

“Anointed” involves a ceremonial event with a divine or holy officer, such as a monarch or priest, where oil is smeared or rubbed on someone or something. This ritual may be part of Christmas celebrations.

35. Anticipation

“Anticipation” involves waiting for, predicting, or expecting something to happen. During Christmas, the anticipation builds as people look forward to festive events and celebrations.

36. Antler

“Antler” refers to a set of branched horns on the head of an adult deer, typically male, made of bone. Antlers are also associated with reindeer, symbolizing Christmas and Santa’s sleigh.

37. Anxiety

“Anxiety” is an emotion triggered by stress, tension, anticipation, or worried thoughts. It can manifest during Christmas preparations or concerns about holiday festivities.

38. Apparel

“Apparel” refers to various pieces of clothing, such as an ugly Christmas sweater or party attire. It encompasses the festive garments worn during holiday celebrations.

39. Appetite

“Appetite” is the natural desire to satisfy a need, such as for food or affection. During Christmas, the anticipation of a delicious meal can stimulate a hearty appetite.

40. Appreciate

“To appreciate” is the act of recognizing a person, place, or thing’s total worth. It involves acknowledging and valuing the efforts of others, such as appreciating volunteers during Christmas.

41. Appreciation

“Appreciation” represents the recognition of a person, place, or thing’s total worth. It is a feeling of gratitude and acknowledgment, commonly expressed during Christmas celebrations.

42. Ardently

“Ardently” describes actions or expressions that show strong feelings, such as ardently wishing for snow on Christmas Day. It conveys a passionate and enthusiastic demeanor.

43. Aroma

“Aroma” is a distinctive, pleasant scent, such as the scents associated with Christmas, like pine and cinnamon. It contributes to the festive atmosphere during holiday celebrations.

44. Aromatic

“Aromatic” describes something having a pleasant and distinctive smell, such as fresh Christmas trees or cinnamon bread. It highlights the delightful fragrances associated with the holiday season.

45. Arriving

“Arriving” means coming at a particular time to a specific place during or after a journey. It can evoke the excitement of reaching a destination for holiday celebrations, like arriving at a family member’s house for Christmas.

46. Artificial

“Artificial” refers to something made or produced by humans rather than naturally occurring in nature.

47. Assemble

“To assemble” is the act of fitting together different parts of an object or machine, such as assembling toys or furniture. It can involve preparing decorations and festive items for Christmas celebrations.

48. Attend

“To attend” means being present at an event, meeting, or function. People may attend Christmas parties, gatherings, or religious services during the holiday season.

49. Attentively

“Attentively” involves giving a person, thing, or event full attention while being very observant. Attentive behavior is crucial during Christmas celebrations, especially when exchanging gifts or participating in traditions.

50. Attraction

“Attraction” refers to the power of gaining the attention of others. During Christmas, the beautifully decorated Christmas tree often serves as the main attraction in festive displays.

51. Awaited

“Awaited” denotes the act of waiting for something or someone with anticipation. Christmas is eagerly awaited by many, and the holiday season is marked by joyous expectations.

52. Awaiting

“Awaiting” involves waiting for a person or event with excitement and anticipation. The Christmas festivities are often accompanied by a sense of joy and eagerness while awaiting special moments.

53. Awe

“Awe” is a feeling of respect mixed with emotions like fear and wonder. During Christmas, the grandeur of festive decorations and traditions can inspire a sense of awe and reverence.

Sentences about Christmas words That Start With A

Here is the list of sentences about Christmas words that start with A:

  1. The memories of past Christmases are abiding in our hearts.
  2. The Christmas table was filled with abundant delicious treats and festive delights.
  3. The gracious acceptance of thoughtful gifts made the holiday celebration even more joyous.
  4. Being accepting of diverse traditions enriches the Christmas experience for everyone.
  5. Over the years, the accumulation of ornaments turned the tree into a symbol of cherished memories.
  6. It’s essential to acknowledge the efforts of those who make Christmas celebrations special.
  7. The children’s adoration for Santa Claus was evident in their sparkling eyes.
  8. Families spent the evening adoring their beautifully decorated homes with twinkling lights.
  9. Colorful lights and ornaments beautifully adorn the Christmas tree, creating a festive atmosphere.
  10. The act of adorning the house with wreaths and garlands fills the air with holiday spirit.
  11. The angelic tree topper serves as the perfect adornment for the Christmas tree.
  12. The chef received adulation for preparing a delicious Christmas feast for everyone.
  13. Advent calendars count down the days leading to the much-anticipated Christmas celebration.
  14. The host welcomes guests affably, ensuring everyone feels the warmth of the holiday gathering.
  15. Christmas is a time to express affection and love to family and friends.
  16. There’s an affinity for cozying up by the fireplace during the Christmas season.
  17. The children looked on in agape wonder as Santa Claus entered the room.
  18. The agapeistic expressions of surprise and joy filled the room during the gift exchange.
  19. The tree was aglitter with tinsel and twinkling lights, creating a magical ambiance.
  20. The room was aglow with the warm light of candles and the Christmas tree.
  21. The elves pledged allegiance to Santa Claus, ensuring a successful Christmas workshop.
  22. The aroma of baking cookies is alluring, drawing everyone to the kitchen.
  23. The altruist spent Christmas day volunteering at a local soup kitchen.
  24. The ambrosial scent of pine fills the air as families select their Christmas trees.
  25. Friends chat amiably by the fireplace, enjoying the festive atmosphere.
  26. The amity among neighbors is evident during the annual Christmas block party.
  27. Laughter and amusement fill the room as families share funny Christmas stories.
  28. The Christmas tree topper resembles a golden angel, spreading holiday cheer.
  29. Children behave angelically in anticipation of Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve.
  30. The choir sings angelically, creating a heavenly atmosphere in the church.
  31. Small angels adorn the mantelpiece, symbolizing peace and goodwill.
  32. The celebration marks the anniversary of the family’s cherished Christmas traditions.
  33. The joyful announcement of a white Christmas delights everyone.
  34. The baby’s forehead is anointed with oil during the Christmas Eve service.
  35. The children’s anticipation for Santa’s arrival reaches a fever pitch.
  36. A decorative antler hangs on the door, adding a rustic touch to the Christmas decor.
  37. The reindeer’s antlers glisten with frost as they prepare to pull Santa’s sleigh.
  38. Despite the holiday cheer, there is a hint of anxiety as the family awaits Christmas dinner.
  39. Festive holiday apparel adds a touch of whimsy to the Christmas party.
  40. The delicious aroma whets everyone’s appetite for the upcoming Christmas feast.
  41. It’s essential to appreciate the efforts of those who make Christmas celebrations memorable.
  42. The heartfelt appreciation for handmade gifts makes the Christmas exchange meaningful.
  43. Children ardently wish for snow on Christmas morning to transform the landscape.
  44. The tantalizing aroma of gingerbread fills the kitchen, signaling Christmas baking.
  45. The aromatic scent of pine and cinnamon lingers throughout the Christmas market.
  46. Friends and family are arriving, ready to celebrate Christmas together.
  47. An artificial Christmas tree adorned with twinkling lights stands in the corner.
  48. Families gather to assemble gingerbread houses, a cherished Christmas tradition.
  49. Everyone is eager to attend the annual Christmas parade in the town square.
  50. Children listen attentively as the story of Christmas is shared.
  51. The beautifully decorated Christmas village becomes the main attraction in town.
  52. The much-awaited Christmas morning finally arrives, bringing joy to all.
  53. Families sit by the fireplace, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus.
  54. The grand display of fireworks leaves everyone in awe, concluding the Christmas celebration.

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Christmas words Charts

Infographics and charts play a crucial role in efficiently conveying information, making them valuable tools for educators and learners expressing Christmas words that begin with A. These visual aids enhance engagement and understanding in an impactful way.


In the magical realm of Christmas words that start with A, we’ve journeyed through a wondrous array of festive delights, from celestial angels to the enchanting world of Arctic landscapes. These words not only bring seasonal cheer but also embody the spirit of togetherness and joy that defines the holiday season. As you celebrate with loved ones, may the magic of these A-themed Christmas words enhance the warmth and merriment of your festive gatherings. Happy Holidays!

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