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English With Ronia: Meet Ronia, the dynamic force reshaping the landscape of language education. Renowned as a French English tutor, she stands at the forefront of social media, weaving her expertise in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and English speaking into an engaging and accessible tapestry.

Join us as we explore the life and digital journey of Ronia, the influential social media influencer revolutionizing English education.

From the intricacies of pronunciation to the nuances of vocabulary and grammar, Ronia has carved a niche for herself in the world of language education.

Her social media presence is not just a testament to her expertise but a beacon guiding language enthusiasts toward proficiency.

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Early Life and Career

Ronia’s journey began with a profound love for languages rooted in her early years. Growing up with a multicultural background, she recognized the power of effective communication and sought to share this knowledge with the world.

Her career took an unexpected turn as she ventured into the digital realm, leveraging social media to make language education accessible and enjoyable.

Success in social media became synonymous with Ronia’s name as her innovative approach garnered attention. Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube became her platforms of choice, each offering a unique space to showcase her talents and connect with a global audience.

Her posts resonated not just with language learners but with anyone seeking a deeper understanding of effective communication.

Ronia Social Media Presence

Instagram (1M followers)

Ronia’s Instagram is a visual feast of linguistic wonders, boasting a million followers. Dive into a curated collection of pronunciation guides, vocabulary lessons, and grammar insights.

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English With Ronia Pinterest Board

Discover Ronia’s curated boards on Pinterest, where 10,000 followers explore a visual tapestry of language-related content. From vocabulary infographics to grammar guides, it’s a resource hub for learners seeking inspiration.

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YouTube (10K subscribers)

On YouTube, Ronia’s channel has become a haven for language enthusiasts. With 100,000 subscribers, it offers in-depth tutorials, engaging discussions, and a community of learners committed to mastering English.

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TikTok (100K followers)

Ronia’s TikTok account is a dynamic space where she combines education with entertainment. Join 100,000 followers for quick language tips, fun challenges, and interactive content that makes learning English a joy.

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How Much Ronia Charges for Instagram Post?

For those eager to collaborate, Ronia offers a wealth of knowledge for just $50 per post. This nominal fee opens the door to a treasure trove of linguistic insights, ensuring that her expertise is accessible to learners worldwide.

Whether you’re navigating the nuances of pronunciation or delving into the intricacies of English grammar, Ronia’s posts are a valuable investment in your language learning journey.


In conclusion, Ronia’s journey from a multilingual upbringing to a social media influencer is a testament to the evolving landscape of language education. Her passion for effective communication has transcended geographical boundaries, making her a sought-after tutor on various social media platforms. Ronia’s success is not just in numbers but in the lives she has touched and the language enthusiasts she has inspired.

As we explore Ronia’s digital footprint, it’s evident that language education is no longer confined to classrooms. Through Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube, Ronia has created a global community of learners, fostering an environment where language learning is not just a necessity but a joyful journey.

Follow her, engage with her content, and let Ronia guide you toward English proficiency. Your linguistic adventure awaits, and with Ronia as your tutor, it’s bound to be an enriching and empowering experience.

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