Definite and indefinite articles


Welcome to your Definite and indefinite articles. These quizzes are designed for online definite and indefinite articles. Articles test, you need to determine which type (a, an, the) the sentence represents. Learn more about each of these articles if you're not familiar with them.

Online multiple-choice grammar test questions are equally beneficial for ESL/EFL students and teachers. Practice questions with answers covering active and passive.

1. He is _________ doctor.

Add description here!

2. He is holding _________ umbrella.

3. We walk the dog three times _________ day.

4. We only spent a __________ there and then we caught _________ train to Dublin.

5. She washed an __________ and cut it into two slice.

6. I want to be __________ English teacher when I grow up.

7. Our new house cost us _________ hundred and eighty thousand pounds.

8. There is __________ university in our town.

9. He ate __________ kilo of ice cream yesterday evening.

10. There are sixty minutes in __________ hour.

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