What is another word for Scrape? | Example Sentences with Scrape


In this article, I’ll provide you example sentences with “Scrape” and another word for Scrape. Explore the different ways to express the concept of “Scrape” through examples.

Scrape refers to the action of rubbing or scratching a surface to remove or dislodge something. It is a versatile and practical technique used in various situations, from cleaning to crafting.

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Origin of “Scrape”

The word “scrape” has its origins in Old Norse “skrapa” and Middle Dutch “scrapen,” both meaning “to scratch.” Throughout history, humans have utilized scraping as a method to clean, shape, and remove unwanted materials from surfaces.

What is another word for Scrape?

Here is the list of another word for Scrape:

  1. Scratch
  2. Rub
  3. Abrade
  4. Grate
  5. Graze
  6. Chafe
  7. Polish
  8. Clean
  9. Shave
  10. Pare
  11. File
  12. Peel
  13. Flay
  14. Plane
  15. Scuff
  16. Erase
  17. Strip
  18. Wear
  19. Smooth
  20. Buff

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Example Sentences with Scrape

Here is the list of example sentences with Scrape:

  1. She used a knife to scrape the paint off the old furniture.
  2. The hiker accidentally scraped their knee on a rock.
  3. He needed to scrape the ice off the car’s windshield before driving.
  4. The artist used a palette knife to scrape away excess paint from the canvas.
  5. The chef used a grater to scrape the cheese for the pasta dish.
  6. The gardener used a shovel to scrape the weeds from the soil.
  7. The skateboarder scraped the rail during a trick.
  8. She used a pumice stone to scrape the dead skin from her feet.
  9. The cleaning crew used a sponge to scrape off the dried-up spills.
  10. He used sandpaper to scrape the rough edges of the wooden table.
  11. The mountain climber had to scrape their way up the steep cliff.
  12. The baker used a spatula to scrape the dough from the mixing bowl.
  13. The mechanic used a wire brush to scrape the rust from the car’s surface.
  14. She carefully scraped the chewing gum off the classroom floor.
  15. The potter used a sharp tool to scrape intricate patterns on the clay vase.
  16. The gardener had to scrape the moss from the surface of the pathway.
  17. He used a credit card to scrape off the old sticker from the book cover.
  18. The artist used a razor blade to scrape the dried paint from the palette.
  19. The barista used a milk frother to scrape foam for the latte art.
  20. The chef used a spoon to scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod.
_Sentences With Scrape

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In conclusion, scraping is a practical and effective method used in various tasks and activities. Whether it’s removing paint, cleaning surfaces, or crafting intricate designs, the act of scraping proves its versatility and usefulness. By employing scraping techniques, individuals can achieve desired outcomes, maintain cleanliness, and create unique artistry in their endeavors.

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