What is another word for Scream? | Example Sentences with Scream


In this article, I’ll provide you example sentences with “Scream” and another word for Scream. Explore the different ways to express the concept of “Scream” through examples.

A scream is a loud and sharp vocal expression of intense emotion, such as fear, excitement, or anger. It serves as a powerful means of communication, often conveying urgency or distress.

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Origin of “Scream”

The word “scream” originated from the Middle English term “screme,” which is linked to the Old Norse “skræma” and the Middle Dutch “schreem.” Throughout history, screaming has been a natural and instinctive response to various situations, demonstrating human emotional expression.

What is another word for Scream?

Here is the list of another word for Scream:

  1. Shout
  2. Yell
  3. Cry out
  4. Screech
  5. Holler
  6. Howl
  7. Roar
  8. Bellow
  9. Wail
  10. Shriek
  11. Bawl
  12. Squall
  13. Squeal
  14. Squeak
  15. Hoot
  16. Yelp
  17. Squeak
  18. Whoop
  19. Squeal
  20. Shout out

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Example Sentences with Scream

Here is the list of example sentences with Scream:

  1. The frightened child let out a piercing scream upon seeing a spider.
  2. The fans erupted into cheers and screams as their favorite band took the stage.
  3. The horror movie elicited terrified screams from the audience.
  4. The referee blew the whistle, prompting a collective scream from the crowd.
  5. She let out a joyful scream when she won the lottery.
  6. The sudden loud noise made him scream in surprise.
  7. The haunted house tour was filled with eerie screams and spooky surprises.
  8. The injured athlete let out a painful scream on the field.
  9. The excited children ran around the playground with joyous screams.
  10. The roller coaster ride filled the riders with exhilarated screams.
  11. She couldn’t help but scream with delight at the surprise birthday party.
  12. The car’s screeching tires caused nearby pedestrians to scream in fear.
  13. The baby’s cries turned into a piercing scream for attention.
  14. The horror movie’s unexpected jump-scare made the audience scream in fright.
  15. The crowd erupted into screams as the team scored the winning goal.
  16. The police sirens prompted the bystanders to scream and clear the area.
  17. The haunted house tour guide let out a creepy scream to spook the visitors.
  18. She couldn’t contain her excitement and let out a happy scream.
  19. The unexpected appearance of the ghost made everyone scream in terror.
  20. The enthusiastic fans screamed the lyrics of their favorite song at the concert.
_Sentences With Scream

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In conclusion, screaming is a primal and expressive form of communication that conveys intense emotions. Whether it’s expressing fear, joy, or excitement, the act of screaming helps release pent-up feelings and allows individuals to connect with their emotions. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the context and volume of screaming, ensuring it is appropriate and respectful of others’ space and comfort.

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