What is another word for Seek? | Example Sentences with Seek


In this article, I’ll provide you example sentences with “Seek” and another word for Seek. Explore the different ways to express the concept of “Seek” through examples.

To seek is to actively search for or pursue something, whether it’s knowledge, opportunities, or personal growth. Seeking is a fundamental human instinct that drives us to explore and discover, shaping our experiences and influencing our decisions.

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Origin of “Seek”

The term “seek” traces its roots back to Old English “sēcan,” which means “to go, journey, or inquire.” Throughout history, seeking has been essential for survival, exploration, and acquiring wisdom.

What is another word for Seek?

Here is the list of another word for Seek:

  1. Search
  2. Look for
  3. Hunt
  4. Pursue
  5. Quest
  6. Explore
  7. Probe
  8. Delve
  9. Investigate
  10. Scout
  11. Ferret out
  12. Ferret around
  13. Track down
  14. Scour
  15. Examine
  16. Request
  17. Solicit
  18. Scan
  19. Investigate
  20. Inquire

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Example Sentences with Seek

Here is the list of example sentences with Seek:

  1. They seek answers to their questions through extensive research.
  2. The hikers decided to seek an adventure in the unexplored wilderness.
  3. He chose to seek a career in the field of medicine.
  4. The detective will seek clues to solve the mystery.
  5. In times of uncertainty, people often seek guidance from mentors.
  6. The artist will seek inspiration from nature for the new painting.
  7. She will seek advice from experts before making a decision.
  8. As a student, he will seek knowledge from various sources.
  9. The company will seek new business opportunities in emerging markets.
  10. He decided to seek a second opinion regarding his health condition.
  11. The traveler will seek recommendations for the best restaurants in the city.
  12. The team will seek funding for their innovative project.
  13. The journalist will seek information from reliable sources for the article.
  14. As part of their journey, they will seek meaning and purpose in life.
  15. The scientist will seek evidence to support the hypothesis.
  16. The job seeker will seek employment opportunities through networking.
  17. The rescue team will seek survivors in the disaster-stricken area.
  18. The student will seek mentorship to enhance their skills.
  19. The parents will seek a suitable school for their child’s education.
  20. He will seek approval from the board for the proposed plan.
_Sentences With Seek

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In conclusion, seeking is a powerful driving force that shapes our lives and experiences. Whether it’s seeking knowledge, opportunities, or answers, the act of actively searching propels us towards growth and discovery. By embracing the spirit of seeking, we can broaden our horizons, overcome challenges, and embark on meaningful journeys of self-discovery and fulfillment.

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