What is another word for Sewage? | Example Sentences with Sewage


In this article, I’ll provide you example sentences with “Sewage” and another word for Sewage. Explore the different ways to express the concept of “Sewage” through examples.

Sewage refers to the waste and wastewater that is generated by residential, commercial, and industrial activities. It includes human waste, water from sinks, toilets, and drains, as well as various pollutants.

Sewage is a significant environmental concern and requires proper management and treatment to prevent pollution and protect public health.

In this blog post, we will explore the origin and history of sewage, provide a list of synonyms, and present 20 example sentences that illustrate the use of this term.

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Origin of “Sewage”

The management of sewage dates back to ancient civilizations, where early forms of sanitation systems were developed to address waste disposal.

Throughout history, societies have recognized the importance of separating and treating wastewater to prevent the spread of diseases. The modern sewer systems we have today have evolved from these early practices.

What is another word for Sewage?

Here is the list of another word for Sewage:

  1. Wastewater
  2. Effluent
  3. Sewerage
  4. Drainage
  5. Sanitary waste
  6. Sewage system
  7. Sewage waste
  8. Sewer water
  9. Sewage disposal
  10. Liquid waste
  11. Blackwater
  12. Sludge
  13. Filth
  14. Excrement
  15. Muck
  16. Polluted water
  17. Contaminated waste
  18. Dirty water
  19. Waste matter
  20. Sewage effluents

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Example Sentences with Sewage

Here is the list of example sentences with Sewage:

  1. The city’s sewage treatment plant processes and purifies the sewage before releasing it back into the environment.
  2. It is crucial to properly manage and treat sewage to prevent contamination of water sources and protect public health.
  3. The heavy rainfall caused the sewage system to overflow, leading to the release of untreated sewage into nearby rivers.
  4. The construction of a new sewage pipeline will improve the efficiency of waste disposal in the area.
  5. The maintenance crew is working on repairing the sewage pipes to prevent leaks and blockages.
  6. The beach was temporarily closed due to high levels of sewage pollution in the water.
  7. The wastewater treatment plant uses various processes to remove impurities and pollutants from the sewage.
  8. The government has implemented strict regulations to control the discharge of industrial sewage into water bodies.
  9. The city council is investing in infrastructure upgrades to enhance the capacity and reliability of the sewage system.
  10. The sewage treatment process involves physical, chemical, and biological methods to remove contaminants from the water.
  11. The environmental impact assessment identified potential risks associated with the disposal of sewage in the proposed development area.
  12. The municipal authorities are implementing educational campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of proper sewage management.
  13. The sewage sludge generated during the treatment process can be further treated and used as a source of renewable energy.
  14. The sewer line was damaged, causing a sewage backup in several residential homes.
  15. The government has allocated funds for the improvement of sewage infrastructure in rural areas.
  16. The sewage outflow from the factory was found to contain high levels of toxic chemicals, posing a threat to the ecosystem.
  17. The maintenance crew is conducting regular inspections and cleaning of the sewage system to prevent blockages.
  18. The community members organized a cleanup campaign to remove sewage debris from the riverbank.
  19. The wastewater treatment plant utilizes advanced technology to ensure the effective and efficient treatment of sewage.
  20. The proper disposal and treatment of sewage are vital for maintaining clean and healthy environments for communities.
Sentences With Sewage

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In conclusion, sewage management and treatment are essential for environmental protection and public health. The proper handling and treatment of wastewater, also known as sewage, play a crucial role in preventing water pollution and the spread of diseases.

Through effective sewage treatment processes, we can minimize the environmental impact and ensure the safe disposal of wastewater.

It is imperative to continue investing in sewage infrastructure and raising awareness about the importance of responsible sewage management practices to safeguard our ecosystems and promote the well-being of communities.

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