What is another word for Shock? | 20 Sentences with Shock


In this article, I’ll provide you sentences with “Shock” and another word for Shock. Explore the different ways to express the concept of “Shock” through examples.

In this article, we will delve into the meaning and various uses of the term “Shock.” Shock refers to a sudden and intense disturbance or surprise that disrupts one’s emotional or physical state.

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Origin of “Shock”

The word “shock” originated from the Middle English term “shokken,” meaning to strike or jolt. It has evolved to encompass both the physiological and psychological aspects of being startled or astonished.

What is another word for Shock?

Here is the list of another word for Shock:

  1. Astonishment
  2. Surprise
  3. Startle
  4. Stun
  5. Amazement
  6. Bewilderment
  7. Disbelief
  8. Consternation
  9. Dismay
  10. Fright
  11. Horror
  12. Stagger
  13. Jolt
  14. Awe
  15. Appall
  16. Astound
  17. Petrify
  18. Flabbergast
  19. Shake
  20. Traumatize

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20 Sentences with Shock

Here is the list of 20 sentences with Shock:

  1. She was shocked to hear the news of her promotion.
  2. The sudden loud noise caused a shock to everyone in the room.
  3. The unexpected turn of events left him in a state of shock.
  4. The electric shock made him jump back in surprise.
  5. The tragic accident sent a shock through the entire community.
  6. The shocking revelation left them in a state of shock and disbelief.
  7. The unexpected guest’s arrival was a pleasant shock to everyone.
  8. The shocking truth about her past came as a shock to her friends.
  9. The disturbing images in the movie left her in a state of shock.
  10. The sudden loss of a loved one brought a wave of shock and grief.
  11. The disturbing news story had a profound shock value.
  12. The unexpected announcement caused a collective shock among the audience.
  13. The shocking twist in the plot caught everyone off guard.
  14. The electric shock left a tingling sensation in his hand.
  15. The shocking statistics revealed the extent of the problem.
  16. The sudden change in weather was a shock to everyone.
  17. The shocking behavior of the politician outraged the public.
  18. The surprising plot twist added an element of shock to the story.
  19. The unexpected breakup came as a shock to her.
  20. The shocking discovery shed new light on the case.
Sentences With Shock

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In conclusion, shock refers to a sudden and intense disturbance or surprise that can disrupt one’s emotional or physical state. Synonyms for shock include astonishment, surprise, startle, and stun. Understanding the various alternatives for shock helps us appreciate the range of reactions and experiences that can result from unexpected or disturbing events.

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