What is another word for Scrap? | Example Sentences with Scrap


In this article, I’ll provide you example sentences with “Scrap” and another word for Scrap. Explore the different ways to express the concept of “Scrap” through examples.

A scrap refers to a small, discarded piece or fragment of something larger. It can also represent a confrontation or disagreement between individuals or groups, often leading to conflict.

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Origin of “Scrap”

The term “scrap” originated from Old Norse “skrap,” which means “scraps or chips.” Throughout history, scraps have been utilized in various ways, from crafting to recycling, and have also symbolized clashes and disputes between individuals or nations.

What is another word for Scrap?

Here is the list of another word for Scrap:

  1. Fragment
  2. Remnant
  3. Piece
  4. Bit
  5. Shred
  6. Snippet
  7. Sliver
  8. Slice
  9. Chip
  10. Portion
  11. Morsel
  12. Particle
  13. Part
  14. Patch
  15. Scruple
  16. Trifle
  17. Dab
  18. Trace
  19. Ort
  20. Tatter

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Example Sentences with Scrap

Here is the list of example sentences with Scrap:

  1. She collected every scrap of paper for her art project.
  2. After the accident, the car was reduced to a mangled scrap of metal.
  3. He managed to find a scrap of information about the missing treasure.
  4. The tailor used the leftover scrap of fabric to make a small pouch.
  5. The construction workers disposed of the scrap bricks after completing the project.
  6. The chef used a scrap of lemon peel to garnish the dessert.
  7. The artist glued together various scraps of paper to create a collage.
  8. They got into a heated argument, almost coming to blows in a scrap.
  9. She kept a scrap of the old family quilt as a memento.
  10. The scrapyard recycled tons of metal scraps to reduce waste.
  11. The carpenter used a scrap of wood to brace the wobbly table.
  12. They found a scrap of evidence that could solve the case.
  13. The seamstress saved every scrap of fabric for future use.
  14. The children played with the scraps of colored paper, creating artwork.
  15. The chef trimmed off the excess scrap of dough from the pie crust.
  16. The factory melted down the scraps of plastic to make new products.
  17. They managed to salvage a few scraps of food from the abandoned campsite.
  18. The kids made paper airplanes from the scraps of their homework.
  19. The artist found inspiration in the scraps of broken pottery.
  20. They gathered all the scraps of wood to build a small birdhouse.
_Sentences With Scrap

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In conclusion, scraps may seem insignificant, but they hold potential in various contexts. From artistic creations to recycling efforts, scraps find value and utility in minimizing waste and maximizing resources. Moreover, as a term for conflict or disagreement, scraps serve as reminders to promote understanding and cooperation to prevent unnecessary confrontations and foster harmonious relationships.

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