What is another word for Score? | Example Sentences with Score


In this article, I’ll provide you example sentences with “Score” and another word for Score. Explore the different ways to express the concept of “Score” through examples.

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Origin of “Score”

The word “score” has its roots in Old English and Middle English, originally meaning “to scratch or incise a mark.” Throughout history, scoring has been employed as a way to keep track of numbers, marks, or achievements in different fields.

What is another word for Score?

Here is the list of another word for Score:

  1. Tally
  2. Record
  3. Mark
  4. Count
  5. Achieve
  6. Earn
  7. Win
  8. Obtain
  9. Attain
  10. Notch
  11. Gain
  12. Count up
  13. Succeed
  14. Rack up
  15. Secure
  16. Triumph
  17. Hit
  18. Reach
  19. Get
  20. Accrue

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Example Sentences with Score

Here is the list of example sentences with Score:

  1. The soccer team managed to score a late goal and win the match.
  2. She proudly held up her exam paper, knowing she had achieved a perfect score.
  3. The musician received a standing ovation after performing a flawless score on the piano.
  4. The students eagerly awaited their test results, hoping to see an improved score.
  5. The basketball player made an incredible three-point score from the half-court.
  6. The team captain encouraged the players to work together to score more points.
  7. The composer proudly presented his original musical score to the orchestra.
  8. After hours of practice, the dancer was finally able to score a leading role in the performance.
  9. The golfer was thrilled to score a hole-in-one on the difficult course.
  10. The company celebrated a milestone achievement, reaching a record score in sales.
  11. The athletes trained diligently to score personal bests in the upcoming competition.
  12. The detective worked tirelessly to score a breakthrough in the complex case.
  13. The scientist’s groundbreaking research earned her a high score in academia.
  14. The team’s strong defense prevented the opponent from scoring any goals.
  15. The entrepreneur implemented a new marketing strategy to score more customers.
  16. The student’s dedication paid off when she managed to score a scholarship for college.
  17. The actor received critical acclaim for his outstanding performance in the theater score.
  18. The swimmer pushed herself to the limit to score a new personal record.
  19. The artist’s latest painting scored high praise from art critics.
  20. The sales team collaborated to score a major contract with a prestigious client.
Sentences With Score

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In conclusion, scoring plays a significant role in various aspects of life, allowing us to measure achievements, progress, and success. Whether it’s in sports, academics, or professional endeavors, keeping score helps motivate individuals and teams to strive for excellence and improvement. By setting and reaching specific goals, we can continually raise the bar and push ourselves to new heights of accomplishment.

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