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What are common verbs that start with K? In this article, I will provide a comprehensive list of verbs starting with K.

As you expect the latest publication from your favorite author, do you ever wonder how many new vocabulary verbs that start with K you’ll learn from? The more you read, the more K verbs you’ll learn.

Before teaching a kid how to read sentences, it is essential to make sure to know the 5 letter K verbs vocabulary.

Verbs That Start With K are for students at the preschool and kindergarten levels. Here is a range of the K verbs that will assist students. I hope this will help!

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Here are four letter verbs starting with K, five letter verbs starting with K, six letter verbs starting with K, seven letter verbs starting with K, and eight letter verbs starting with K in English, arranged in alphabetical order, which helps students correctly understand the K verbs.

5 Letter K verb lists can assist your kids in understanding the ways that other languages work. I hope, these free 4 letter K verb collections will assist you in achieving your goals.

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Verbs That Start With K: Example Sentences

Here is a list of example sentences featuring verbs that start with ‘K.’

1. Kick

Soccer players showcase their skills as they expertly kick the ball towards the goal, aiming for a perfect shot.

2. Knead

Bakers carefully knead the dough, ensuring it reaches the perfect consistency for fluffy and delicious bread.

3. Keep

Gardeners diligently keep their plants hydrated, understanding the importance of regular watering.

4. Kindle

Readers eagerly kindle their love for literature by exploring diverse genres and discovering new authors.

5. Knock

Before entering, it’s polite to knock on the door to announce your presence and respect others’ privacy.

6. Know

Teachers strive to help students know and understand complex subjects through effective teaching methods.

7. Kiss

As a sign of affection, couples often exchange a loving kiss, expressing their feelings for each other.

8. Knot

Sailors skillfully knot ropes to secure sails, ensuring a safe and smooth journey on the open sea.

9. Key

Parents often play a key role in shaping their children’s values and beliefs through guidance and support.

10. Keep

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires individuals to keep a balanced diet and engage in regular exercise.

List of Verbs That Start With K

Here are verbs that start with K in English that will encourage your English Vocabulary.

It is a fact that there are too many lovely verbs that start with K; it is challenging to choose to include them in the list.

The following list of over over 900 verbs that start with K is for you. All these K verbs are validated using recognized English dictionaries.

keykick itkeep around
kidkick upkeep out of
kinkickbankeep schtum
kipkickboxkeep wicket
kipkiltingkick around
knokiss upknock about
kartkiss-upknock boots
kayokit outknock under
keakkitbashknow better
keelknivingkeep company
keenknobblekeep in mind
keenknow ofkeep in mine
keepknucklekeep in with
kembkurbashkeep it real
kempkyanisekeep tabs on
kepekyanizekeep up with
kerbkyoodlekick oneself
kerfkythingkick up dust
kernkafirizekidney punch
kickkamikazekill oneself
kickkangarookiss goodbye
kifekanoodlekiss the rod
killkarstifykite jumping
kilnkayakingkneel before
kiltkayfabedknit yoghurt
kiltkeelhaleknock around
kingkeelhaulknock it off
kinkkeep fitknow someone
kinkkeep mumknuckle down
kipekeep offkeep a lid on
kisskeep outkeep straight
KISSkerchiefkeep the baby
kistkerplunkkeep together
kistkettlingkick the beam
kitekey downkick to touch
klapkey intokick upstairs
knaakeyboardkiss and tell
knabkeyframeknit together
knagkeypunchknock on wood
knapkeystoneknock one out
knawkick assknuckle under
knawkick offkeep a lookout
kneekick outkeep an eye on
knitkickflipkeep away from
knobkicksledkeep the faith
knotkidproofkeep the peace
knowkill offkick the habit
kohlkillfilekick the tires
konkking hitkick the tyres
koolkink outkick up a fuss
kriskip downkleptoparasite
kykekiss assknock together
kythkiss offknow backwards
kabobkitemarkknow no bounds
kaiakkitesurfknow the score
kayakkittlingkeep an eye out
kazooklatawawkeep one’s cool
kebabknapsackkeep one’s head
kebobknobbledkeep to oneself
kedgeknock onkick at the can
keehoknock upkick into touch
keepeknoutingkick some tires
keeveknurlingkick the bucket
kegelkonk outkick the wheels
kerveKoranizeknow inside out
ketchkourbashknow one’s mind
ketchkreasoteknow one’s shit
kipsykreosotekeep a cool head
kithekruppizekeep an eye open
kiverkumbayahkeep it together
ki-yikalsominekeep on truckin’
klinekanbanizekeep on trucking
klugekaolinisekeep one’s peace
knackkaolinizekick like a mule
kneadkaryotypekick one’s heels
kneelkeel haulkick to the curb
knellkeel overkiss and make up
knickkeep awaykleptoparasiting
knifekeep backkleptoparasitize
knivekeep caveknit one’s brows
knockkeep downknock for a loop
knollkeep fromknow beans about
knollkeep paceknow like a book
knoutkeep termknow one’s stuff
knoweKenyanizeknow what’s what
knurlkerfufflekeep one’s eye in
kodakkernelisekid on the square
Kondokernelizeknock on the head
kotowkersplodeknock oneself out
kraalkeyholingknow one’s onions
krigekeystrokeknow someone when
kvellkibitzingknow what is what
kyarnkick arsekeep a close watch
kythekick backkeep a low profile
kaizenkick buttkeep an eye peeled
karatekick downkeep on keeping on
kasherkickstartkeep one’s chin up
kaypohkick-stepkeep one’s counsel
kecklekid-glovekeep one’s hair on
keloidkill timekeep one’s hand in
kennelkinescopekill the messenger
kerbedkiss arsekill with kindness
kernedkite jumpkiss someone’s ass
kettlekiteboardkiss someone’s hem
key inklaxoningkeep a civil tongue
key upknackeredkeep one’s pants on
kibblekneeboardkeep one’s shirt on
kibitzknick offkeep someone on ice
kiboshknock offkeep someone posted
kibozeknock outkeep up appearances
kidnapknockdownkick up one’s heels
kindleknowlechekill one’s darlings
kindleknowledgekiss someone’s ring
kinklekosherizeknit one’s eyebrows
kipperKuwaitiseknock the persimmon
kirtleKuwaitizeknow in one’s bones
kisslekvetchingknow inside and out
kittenkeep faithknow one’s own mind
kittlekeep goingknow what’s o’clock
kittlekeep housekeep one’s head down
klaxonkeep it upkeep one’s pecker up
kludgekeep quietkeep someone company
knightkeep scorekeep the pot boiling
kosherkeep shadykick over the traces
kowtowkeep shtumkill the fatted calf
kreesekeep trackknock out of the box
kvetchkeep underknow which end is up
kvitchkeep watchknow which way is up
kyboshkeratinisekeep one’s mouth shut
kanjifykeratinizekeep one’s nose clean
karaokekerb crawlkeep one’s powder dry
kayfabekick startkeep the ball rolling
keep atkick-startknock some sense into
keep inkid aroundknow one’s way around
keep onkill stealknow where one stands
keep tokiss up tokeep it in one’s pants
keep upknauvshawlkeep one on one’s toes
keisterknawvshawlkeep one’s eyes peeled
kerbingkneel downkeep one’s lips sealed
kerblamknifecrimekeep one’s own counsel
kerfingknock backkeep to one’s knitting
kerningknock downkiss one’s ass goodbye
kerrangknock overknow shit from Shinola
ketchupknock woodknow someone from Adam
key offknocked upknow what one is about
keyholekryptonateknow what one is doing
keynotekum ba yahkeep a weather eye open
keyseatKuwaitisedkeep one’s options open
keywordkeelhaulingkick against the pricks
kibbitzkeep acrosskick ass and take names
kick in

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Verbs That Start With K Info Graphics

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