Full List of Prepositions in English with Useful Examples


The complete list of prepositions was found for the English language. You’ll often encounter the preposition if you write or speak in English. It is an essential component of a sentence and helps to demonstrate a connection between two words or phrases in an entire sentence. 

Many prepositions are used throughout the English language, and it’s vital to learn as much as possible to create more precise and natural-sounding sentences.

This section will present an extensive list of prepositions often used in written and spoken English.

An prepositions is one of the nine parts of speech. The other eight are pronounsinterjectionsverbsadjectivesnounsarticlesconjunctions, and adverb.

What is a Preposition?

Prepositions indicate how something is related to or interrelates with the other. For instance, “The girl sat on the chair.” The preposition in the sentence is on. Prepositions indicate the location of something about another thing. There’s no girl on her chair, for example. She’s sitting on the chair.

Preposition Examples

Across the road
Along the beach
At 12 o’clock
At present
At the corner
Before dawn
Below the surface
Down the hill
During the conference
In front of the city hall
In (the) summer
In a building
In a moment
In Manhattan
In the morning
Into her eyes
On a wall
On the first day
On Thursday
On time
Within seven days

Types of Prepositions

There are five different types of prepositions in English grammar.

  1. Prepositions of time: ago, before, since
  2. Prepositions of place: under, behind, between
  3. Prepositions of movement/ Direction: up, down, over
  4. Prepositions for the agent, instruments, devices, machines: by, with, on
  5. Prepositional phrases: (in time, on time, in love

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What is a preposition list and how do you use them to improve your English writing and speaking? These are the questions you’ll get the answers to in this detailed article.

Complex prepositions

The list below contains prepositions with one word and complex prepositions. Complex prepositions occur the case when two or more words function together to form prepositions. It is not the equivalent of prepositional phrases.

Prepositional phrase

A prepositional phrase is a term that starts with a preposition and ends in a noun.

Full List of Prepositions

There are about 200 prepositions that are part of the English language. We’ll go through everyone we can find. They are divided into preposition categories according to how each type of preposition is used.

Some of these prepositions could be used in multiple categories according to their use. They’ll be in multiple lists.

Some prepositions can be classified into other categories of speech, especially adverbs and conjunctions.

List of Prepositions of time

  • At
  • By
  • In
  • On
  • Ago
  • For
  • From
  • Gone
  • Past
  • About
  • After
  • Circa
  • Since
  • Up to
  • Around
  • Before
  • During
  • Prior to
  • Up until
  • Following
  • Until/till

List of Prepositions of place

  • At
  • By
  • In
  • Of
  • On
  • To
  • Far
  • Off
  • Out
  • Amid
  • Atop
  • From
  • Into
  • Near
  • Onto
  • Upon
  • Over
  • With
  • Above
  • Among
  • Below
  • Minus
  • Round
  • Under
  • Aboard
  • Across
  • Behind
  • Beside
  • Beyond
  • Inside
  • Out of
  • Within
  • Against
  • Astride
  • Beneath
  • Between
  • Near to
  • Next to
  • Outside
  • Through
  • Without
  • Close to
  • Far from
  • On board
  • Opposite
  • Alongside
  • On top of
  • Apart from
  • Forward of
  • In between
  • Outside of
  • Throughout
  • Underneath
  • Up against
  • In front of
  • Together with
  • Toward/towards

List of Prepositions of movement

  • On
  • Up
  • Off
  • Via
  • Amid
  • Away
  • Down
  • Into
  • Onto
  • Over
  • Past
  • Above
  • Ahead
  • Along
  • Below
  • Round
  • Under
  • Across
  • Around
  • Behind
  • Off of
  • Out of
  • Against
  • Beneath
  • Through
  • Away from
  • Along with
  • Further to
  • In between
  • By means of
  • Toward/towards

List of Prepositions of Manner and Phrase

  • As
  • By
  • Of
  • Re
  • Bar
  • But
  • Cum
  • Per
  • Pro
  • Anti
  • Less
  • Like
  • Plus
  • Save
  • Than
  • With
  • About
  • As to
  • Given
  • Worth
  • As for
  • As per
  • Due to
  • Except
  • Saving
  • Unlike
  • Versus
  • Barring
  • Besides
  • But for
  • Despite
  • Pending
  • Counting
  • Owing to
  • Save for
  • Excepting
  • Excluding
  • Including
  • Regarding
  • Thanks to
  • As well as
  • Aside from
  • Because of
  • Concerning
  • Except for
  • in case of
  • In face of
  • In view of
  • Instead of
  • Other than
  • Considering
  • Contrary to
  • In light of
  • In spite of
  • According to
  • Depending on
  • On behalf of
  • On account of
  • Regardless of
  • In addition to
  • Preparatory to
  • With regard to
  • Notwithstanding
  • With reference to
  • In favor of/in favour of

Examples of Prepositions in Sentences

In the following sentences, prepositions examples are highlighted in italics. While reading, think about whether using different prepositions instead of examples could change the meaning of the sentences.

  • Amelia sat on the chair.
  • There is some water in the pipe.
  • Kitty was hiding under the table.
  • The mouse jumped off the counter.
  • She drove over the bridge.
  • Olivia lost her ring at the beach.
  • The book belongs to Emma.
  • We were sitting by the tree.
  • Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen.
  • The baby climbed onto the chair.
  • It is up to us to solve the question.
  • The loud noise came from within the classroom.
  • William never leaves without his watch.
  • The crow sat atop the oak tree.
  • The caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly.
  • I was unable to get out of the assignment.
  • Charlotte sat across from Marie.
  • I attended the meeting on behalf of my company.
  • They were in the middle of the storm.
  • Benjamin has gym class in addition to his regular classes today.
  • Amelia picked up the penny from beneath the couch.
  • Aside from singing, Sophia also plays the piano at the bar.
  • Her car is parked in front of the mailbox.
  • The weather will be good this weekend according to Isabella.

Prepositions Exercise

These exercises will help you understand the prepositions in sentences. To complete each sentence, choose the best answer.

  1. They really care ___ what happens to her.
  2. I heard that she died ___ a heart attack.
  3. Please apologize to them ___ me.
  4. We saw a bus collide ___ a motorbike.
  5. I don’t agree ___ banning smoking in clubs.
  6. I ran ___ Charlotte while I was in the library. I haven’t seen her for ages.
  7. I’m very satisfied ___ my test results.
  8. I’ve noticed a big improvement ___ my English.
  9. There’s a real lack ___ cheap hotels around here.
  10. He has a lot of admiration ___ all that you have done.

Answer Key:

  1. They really care about what happens to her.
  2. I heard that she died of a heart attack.
  3. Please apologize to them for me.
  4. We saw a bus collide with a motorbike.
  5. I don’t agree with banning smoking in clubs.
  6. I ran into Charlotte while I was in the library. I haven’t seen her for ages.
  7. I’m very satisfied with my test results.
  8. I’ve noticed a big improvement in my English.
  9. There’s a real lack of cheap hotels around here.
  10. He has a lot of admiration for all that you have done.

List of Prepositions InfoGraphics

Here are some printable infographics about List of Prepositions. Printable infographics are a fantastic way to share a significant amount of details in a short time in a stunning way. The List of Prepositions infographics can help teachers and students to share their thoughts easily.

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My Considerations

With this set of List of Prepositions, you will quickly determine whether you are making the most effective use of the prepositions and how they could be used to enhance your English writing skills.

Since the prepositions are the main part of English Grammar, the importance of developing English learning skills cannot be undervalued without list of prepositions.

You can read the above example sentences about list of prepositions to improve your understanding of English grammar.

Encourage your children to learn these basic but common rules for using List of Prepositions with example sentences, by following the simple example sentences given above. Then, save this list of prepositions, handy for your kids in the future.

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Recap of what we just learned

  • Full List of Prepositions in English with Useful Examples
  • What is a Preposition?
  • Preposition Examples
  • Types of Prepositions
  • Complex prepositions
  • Prepositional phrase
  • Full List of Prepositions
  • List of Prepositions of time
  • List of Prepositions of place
  • List of Prepositions of movement
  • List of Prepositions of Manner and Phrase
  • Examples of Prepositions in Sentences
  • List of Prepositions InfoGraphics
  • List of Prepositions Quiz

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Preposition Quiz

Welcome to Preposition Quiz. These quizzes are designed to understand Prepositions online. You need to determine which rule of preposition is applied. Learn more about each of these example exercises if you're not familiar with them.

Online multiple-choice grammar test questions are equally beneficial for ESL/EFL students and teachers. Practice quizzes with answers covering prepositions.

1. My girlfriend lives ______ Lawrence Road.

2. It's been snowing _______ Christmas evening.

3. The teacher _______ South Africa amazed the American students with her teaching skills.

4. Isabella was visiting her best friend _____ the hospital.

5. I told Mom we'd be home ______ an hour or so.

6. We frequently see this kind of violence ____ television.

7. He usually travels to Philadelphia _______ train.

9. What are the main ingredients ______ this medicine?

10. Sophia is not interested _____ buying a new laptop now.

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