Prepositions of Place in English with Useful Examples


In this piece of writing, I am going to explain Prepositions of place in English with Useful Examples. A prepositions of place is one of the five types of preposition. The other four types of preposition are prepositions of time, prepositions of movement, prepositions for the agent, and prepositional phrases.

Many prepositions of place are used throughout the English language, and it’s vital to learn as much as possible to create more precise and natural-sounding sentences.

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This section will present an extensive list of prepositions of place often used in written and spoken English.

What is a Preposition?

Prepositions indicate how something is related to or interrelates with the other. For example, “The cat is hiding under the table.” The preposition in the sentence is under. Prepositions indicate the location of something about another thing. There’s no girl on her chair, for example. She’s sitting on the chair.

A prepositions is one of the nine parts of speech. The other eight are pronounsinterjections, verbs, adjectivesnouns, articlesconjunctions, and adverb.

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What are prepositions of place in English?

Prepositions to refer to a place, use the prepositions “in” (point itself), “at” (general vicinity), “on” (surface), and “inside” (contained). Prepositions of place are the exact words as prepositions of time; however, they are used differently. You can easily contrast these prepositions, as they always consult places rather than times.

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What is a preposition list and how do you use them to improve your English writing and speaking? These are the questions you’ll get the answers to in this detailed article.

Full List of Prepositions of Place

There are about 200 prepositions that are part of the English language. They are divided into preposition categories according to how each type of preposition is used. There are about 60 common prepositions of place in English.

Some of these prepositions of place could be used in multiple categories of prepositions, according to their use. Some prepositions can be classified into other types of speech also, especially adverbs and conjunctions.

AboveNear to
AcrossNext to
AmongOn board
Apart fromOn top of
BehindOut of
BeneathOutside of
Close toTo
FarTogether with
Far fromToward/towards
Forward ofUnder
InUp against
In betweenUpon
In front ofWith

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Examples of Prepositions of Place

In the following example sentences, prepositions of place are highlighted in italics. While reading, think about whenever using different prepositions of place.

  1. There is a book on the table.
  2. The helicopter hovered above the school.
  3. The doctor placed a sheet over the body.
  4. Olivia stood in front of the gate and rang the bell.
  5. Emma sat beside Liam.
  6. The stream runs below that bridge.
  7. She put the key under the doormat.
  8. She put his hands behind his back.
  9. Charlotte is waiting for you at the bus stop.
  10. The school is at the end of the village.
  11. My plane stopped at Bangkok and Hanoi and arrived in Dubai three hours late.
  12. When will we arrive at the office?
  13. Do they work in a food company?
  14. I have a meeting in Washington.
  15. Do you live in China?
  16. Mars is in the Solar System.
  17. The author’s name is on the cover of the book.
  18. She is standing on my foot.
  19. There was a “no smoking” sign on the hospital wall.
  20. I live on the 8th floor at 20 Oxford Street in London.
  21. Amelia was sitting under a tree.
  22. I have a friend who lives in Islamabad.
  23. There is a tree beside the river.
  24. Ava and Noah were hiding inside the wardrobe.
  25. The cat is in front of the woman.
  26. The bone is between the two dogs.
  27. The red dog is over the fire hydrant.
  28. We spent a quiet evening at park.
  29. He looks at herself in the mirror.
  30. Death Valley is 86 metres below sea level.
  31. You mustn’t go across this road here.  
  32. There is a bridge across the river.  
  33. The cat ran after the dog.  
  34. The bird flew against the window.  
  35. They’re walking along the river bank.  
  36. We like being among people.
  37. They’re sitting around the campfire.
  38. She arrived at the meeting.  
  39. Our house is behind the university.  
  40. Our house is between the hospital and the school.  
  41. He lives in the house by the river.  
  42. Our house is close to the school.  
  43. Benjamin came down the hill.
  44. Do you come from Lahore?  
  45. Our house is in front of the hospital.  
  46. You shouldn’t stay inside the castle.  
  47. We slept in the bus.  
  48. I was born in Dubai.  
  49. Our house is near the railway station.  
  50. Our house is next to the park.  

Prepositions of Place Exercise

These exercises will help you understand the prepositions of place in sentences. To complete each sentence, choose the best answer.

  1. The dog jumped ________ the roof.  
  2. There is a fly ________ the book.  
  3. We were ________ the way from Dubai to California.
  4. We should get ________ the train.  
  5. The cat jumped ________ the roof.  
  6. Our house is ________ the police station.  
  7. The dog jumped ________ of the window.  
  8. Can you wait ________?  
  9. They ran ________ the castle.
  10. The snake is ________ the table.

Answer Key:

  1. The dog jumped off the roof.  
  2. There is a fly on the book.  
  3. We were on the way from Dubai to California.
  4. We should get on the train.  
  5. The cat jumped onto the roof.  
  6. Our house is opposite the police station.  
  7. The dog jumped out of the window.  
  8. Can you wait outside?  
  9. They ran towards the castle.
  10. The snake is under the table.

Prepositions of Place InfoGraphics

Here are some printable infographics about list of prepositions of place. Printable infographics are a fantastic way to share a significant amount of details in a short time in a stunning way. The list of prepositions of place infographics can help teachers and students to share their thoughts easily.

My Considerations

With this set of List of Prepositions of place, you will quickly determine whether you are making the most effective use of the prepositions and how they could be used to enhance your English writing skills.

Since the prepositions are the main part of English Grammar, the importance of developing English learning skills cannot be undervalued without list of prepositions of place.

You can read the above example sentences about prepositions of place to improve your understanding of English grammar.

Encourage your children to learn these basic but common rules for using Prepositions of place with example sentences, by following the simple example sentences given above. Then, save this list of prepositions, handy for your kids in the future to improve English vocabulary.

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Recap of what we just learned

  • Prepositions of Place in English with Useful Examples
  • What is a Preposition?
  • What are Prepositions of place?
  • Prepositions of place Examples
  • List of Prepositions of place
  • Example Sentences of Prepositions of place in English
  • Prepositions of place Exercise
  • Prepositions of place Solved Exercise
  • Prepositions of place InfoGraphics
  • Prepositions of place Quiz

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Preposition Quiz

Welcome to Preposition of Place Quiz. These quizzes are designed to understand Prepositions of place online. You need to determine which rule of preposition of place is applied. Learn more about each of these example exercises if you're not familiar with them.

Online multiple-choice grammar test questions are equally beneficial for ESL/EFL students and teachers. Practice quizzes with answers covering prepositions of place.

1. She went _____ the hill.

2. He sat _____ the table.

3. I’m growing tomatoes _____ my garden.

4. What’s _____ the menu this night?

5. Look _____ the girl in the picture.

6. Look _____ the picture on the wall.

7. The cat is _____ the chair.

8. The plane is just _____ the the cloud.

9. She held the umbrella _____ both of us.

10. Amelia walked _____ the field.

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