Plants That Start With S


What are common plants that start with S? In this article, I will provide a comprehensive list of plants starting with S.

There are so many plants and flowers that start with S. Most S plants can only be found in specific geographical zones, while a good number can be planted in any region.

Before teaching a kid how to read sentences, it is essential to make sure to know the 5 letter S plants vocabulary.

Plants That Start With S are for students at the grade 2 to grade 5 levels. Here is a range of the S Plants names that will assist students. I hope this will help!

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Here are four letter plants starting with S, five letter plants starting with S, six letter plants starting with S, seven letter plants starting with S, and eight letter plants starting with S in English, arranged in alphabetical order, which helps students correctly understand the S plant names.

Virtually everyone living on earth has their favorite plants that start with S. But there are many S starting plants you may have never heard of.

5 Letter S plant name lists can assist your kids in understanding the ways that other languages work. I hope, these free 4 letter S plant collections will assist you in achieving your goals.

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Plants That Start With S List

Here are plants that start with S in English that will encourage your English Vocabulary.

It is a fact that there are too many lovely plants that start with S; it is challenging to choose to include them in the list.

The following list of over over 200 plants that start with S is for you. All these S plants are validated using recognized English dictionaries.

sabalsmooth crabgrass
sabal palmettosmooth darling pea
Sabal (palmetto)smooth earthball
sabbatiasmooth lip fern
sabbatia angularissmooth sumac
sabbatia campestrissmooth woodsia
sabbatia stellarissmoothbark
sabicusmut fungus
sabicu woodsmut grass
sabine pineSmyrnium
sabinea carinalissmyrnium olusatrum
sac fungussnail bean
saccharomycessnail flower
saccharumsnake fern
saccharum bengalensesnake palm
saccharum munjasnake plant
saccharum officinarumsnake polypody
Saccharum snake wood
sacred figsnakeberry
sacred lotussnakehead
sacred mushroomsnakeroot
safflowersnap pea
safflower oilsnap willow
safflower seedsnapdragon
saffron crocussneezeweed yarrow
sage brushsnow gum
sage willowsnow lily
sagebrushsnow mushroom
sagebrush buttercupsnow orchid
saginasnow pea
Sagina (pearlwort)snow plant
sagittariasnow trillium
Sagittaria (arrowhead)snowball
sagittiform leafsnowbell
sago fernsnowberry
sago palmsnowdrop
saguarosnowdrop anemone
sahuarosnowdrop tree
saigon cinnamonsnowdrop windflower
sainfoinsnowy orchid
saintpauliasnuffbox fern
saintpaulia ionanthasoap tree
salad burnetsoapberry
salaisoapberry family
salalsoapberry tree
salicaceaesoapberry vine
salicornia europaeasoapwort gentian
salix albaSobralia an orchid genus
salix alba caeruleasocotra begonia
salix alba sericeasoft corn
salix alba vitellinasoft flag
salix amygdalinasoft rush
salix amygdaloidessoft shield fern
salix arcticasoft tree fern
salix babylonicasoft wheat
salix blandasoja
salix candidasoja bean
salix capreasolanaceae
salix cinereaSolandra
salix discolorsolandra
salix fragilissolandra guttata
salix herbaceasolanopteris
salix humilissolanopteris bifrons
salix lasiolepissolanum
salix lucidasolanum aviculare
salix nigrasolanum burbankii
salix pendulinasolanum carolinense
salix pendulina blandasolanum commersonii
salix pentandrasolanum crispum
salix purpureasolanum dulcamara
salix pyrifoliasolanum elaeagnifolium
salix repenssolanum giganteum
salix sericeasolanum jamesii
salix sitchensissolanum jasmoides
salix triandrasolanum macranthum
salix tristissolanum melanocerasum
salix viminalissolanum melongena
salix vitellinasolanum nigrum
Salix (willow)solanum nigrum guineese
sallowsolanum pseudocapsicum
salmon berrysolanum quitoense
salmonberrysolanum rostratum
salmwoodsolanum tuberosum
salpichroasolanum wendlandii
salpichroa organifoliasolanum wrightii
salpichroa rhomboideaSolanum (potato, nightshade)
SalpiglossisSoldanella (snowbell)
salpiglossissoldier grainy club
salpiglossis sinuatasoledad pine
salsolasoleirolia soleirolii
salsola kaliSolenopsis
salsola kali tenuifoliaSolenostemon
salsola sodasolenostemon
salt marsh mallowsolenostemon blumei
salt reed grasssolidago
salt rushsolidago bicolor
salt treesolidago canadensis
saltbushsolidago missouriensis
saltwortsolidago multiradiata
saltwort familysolidago nemoralis
salvadorasolidago odora
salvadora familysolidago rugosa
salvadora persicasolidago sempervirens
salvadoraceaesolidago spathulata
salviaSolidago (goldenrod)
salvia azureaSolidaster
salvia clareasolitary pussytoes
salvia divinorumSollya
salvia farinaceasoma
salvia lancifoliasonchus
salvia leucophyllasonchus oleraceus
salvia lyrataSonerila
salvia officinalissonora gum
salvia pratensisSophora
salvia reflexasophora
salvia sclareasophora japonica
salvia spathaceasophora secundiflora
salvia verbenacasophora sinensis
Salvia (sage)sophora tetraptera
salviniaSophronitis (an orchid genus)
salvinia auriculatasorb apple
salvinia rotundifoliasorb apple tree
samarasorbus americana
sambasorbus aucuparia
sambucussorbus domestica
sambucus caeruleasorbus sitchensis
sambucus canadensissorbus torminalis
sambucus ebulusSorbus (rowan, whitebeam)
sambucus nigraSorghastrum
sambucus pubenssorgho
sambucus racemosasorghum
Sambucus (elder)sorghum bicolor
samolussorghum halepense
samolus floribundussorgo
samolus parviflorussorrel
samolus valerandiisorrel tree
sand berrysouari nut
sand blackberrysouari tree
sand cherrysour cherry
sand dropseedsour cherry tree
sand leeksour dock
sand myrtlesour fig
sand phloxsour gourd
sand reedsour grass
sand sagesour gum
sand sedgesour orange
sand spurrysoursop
sand verbenasoursop tree
sandalwood familysouth american staghorn
sandalwood treesouthern arrow wood
sandaracsouthern aster
sandarac treesouthern beech
sandarachsouthern beech fern
sandberrysouthern blue flag
sandbursouthern buckthorn
Sandersoniasouthern crab apple
sandspursouthern cypress
sandwortsouthern dewberry
sandy mushroomsouthern harebell
sanfoinsouthern live oak
sangsouthern magnolia
sanguinariasouthern maidenhair
sanguinaria canadensissouthern red cedar
Sanguinaria (bloodroot)southern red oak
Sanguisorba (burnet)southern spatterdock
saniclesouthern white cedar
saniculasouthern yellow pine
sanicula arctopoidessouthernwood
sanicula bipinnatifidasouthwestern lip fern
sanicula europaeasouthwestern white pine
Sansevieriasow thistle
sansevieria guineensissowbread
sansevieria trifasciatasoy
sansevieria zeylanicasoya bean
santa cruz cypresssoybean
santa lucia firsoybean plant
santa maria treespadix
santalaceaespaghetti squash
santalalesspanish bayonet
santalumspanish broom
santalum albumspanish cedar
Santolinaspanish cedar tree
santolinaspanish chestnut
sanvitaliaspanish dagger
sanvitalia procumbensspanish elm
Sanvitalia (creeping zinnia)spanish garlic
sanwa milletspanish gorse
sapele mahoganyspanish heath
sapindaceaespanish iris
sapindalesspanish lime
Sapindusspanish lime tree
sapindusspanish moss
sapindus drumondiispanish needles
sapindus marginatusspanish oak
sapindus saponariaspanish oyster plant
Sapium (tallow tree)spanish psyllium
saplingspanish tamarind
sapodillaspanish tea
sapodilla familySparaxis
sapodilla treesparaxis
saponariasparaxis tricolor
saponaria officinalissparganiaceae
saponaria vaccariasparganium
Saponaria (soapwort)Sparganium (bur-reed)
sapphire berrysparmannia africana
saprolegnia feraxspartina cynosuroides
saprolegnialesspartina pectinmata
saprophyteSpartina (cord grass)
saprophytic organismspartium
sapwoodspartium junceum
sarcobatusSpartium (broom)
sarcobatus vermiculatusspathe
Sarcocapnosspathe flower
sarcochilus falcatusspatterdock
Sarcococcaspatulate leaf
sarcodesspear thistle
sarcodes sanguineaspearmint
sarcoscypha coccineaspeckled alder
sarcostemma acidumspergula arvensis
Saritaea, see Bignonia magnificaspergularia
Sarmientaspergularia rubra
sarracenia flavaspermatophyte
sarracenia minorspermatozoid
sarracenia purpureasphacele
Sarracenia (pitcher plant)sphacele calycina
sarracenialessphacelotheca reiliana
sarsaparilla rootsphaeralcea
Sasasphaeralcea coccinea
Sassafrassphaeralcea fasciculata
sassafrassphaeralcea remota
sassafras albidumsphaeriaceae
sassafras laurelsphaeriales
sassafras oilsphaerobolaceae
sassafras treesphaerocarpaceae
satin flowersphaerocarpales
satin leafsphaerocarpos
satin walnutsphaerocarpus
satinwoodsphagnum moss
satinwood treesphenopsida
satsumaspice bush
satsuma treespice tree
satureia hortensisspicebush
satureia montanaspider brake
saturejaspider fern
satureja acinosspider flower
satureja douglasiispider orchid
satureja grandifloraspider plant
satureja hortensisspiderflower
satureja montanaspiderwort
satureja nepetaspiderwort family
satureja vulgarisSpigelia
Satureja (savory)spike
satyr orchidspike heath
saucer magnoliaspike lavender
Sauromatumspike lavender oil
saururaceaespike moss
saururusspike oil
saururus cernuusspike rush
saussureaspiked loosestrife
saussurea costusspikelet
saussurea lappaspikemoss
sauvignon grapespinach
savinspinach beet
savoy cabbagespinach mustard
saw palmettospinach plant
sawdust mushroomspinacia
sawwortspinacia oleracea
Saxegothaeaspindle tree
saxicolous plantspindleberry tree
saxifraga aizoidesspiny talinum
saxifraga granulataspiraea
saxifraga hypnoidesspiraea prunifolia
saxifraga occidentalisSpiraea (spirea)
saxifraga oppositifoliaspiranthes
saxifraga sarmentosamspiranthes cernua
saxifraga stellarisspiranthes porrifolia
saxifraga stoloniferaspiranthes spiralis
Saxifraga (saxifrage)spirea
saxifragespirodela polyrrhiza
saxifrage familyspleenwort
scabiosa arvensisspondias mombin
scabiosa atropurpureaspondias purpurea
Scabiosa (scabious plant)sponge gourd
scabioussponge morel
Scadoxus (blood lily)sponge mushroom
scalespoonleaf yucca
scale fernsporangiophore
scale leafsporangium
scale mossspore case
scallionspore mother cell
scaly fernspore sac
scaly lentinusSporobolus
scaly pholiotasporobolus
scaly polyporesporobolus cryptandrus
scammonysporobolus poiretii
scarlet buglersporophyll
scarlet bushsporophyte
scarlet clematisspotted coral root
scarlet cupspotted cowbane
scarlet fritillaryspotted cranesbill
scarlet hameliaspotted gum
scarlet hawspotted hemlock
scarlet lychnisspotted water hemlock
scarlet maplespraguea
scarlet musk flowerspraguea umbellatum
scarlet oakspreading bellflower
scarlet pimpernelspreading dogbane
scarlet plumespreading fleabane
scarlet runnerspreading pogonia
scarlet strawberrySprekelia
scarlet sumacSprianthes (an orchid genus)
scarlet wisteria treesprig
scented fernspring beauty
scented penstemonspring cleavers
scented wattlespring cress
scentless camomilespring heath
scentless hayweedspring squill
scentless mayweedspring vetch
schaffneriaspring vetchling
schaffneria nigripessprout
scheffleraspruce pine
schefflera actinophyllaspur
Schimaspurge family
Schinusspurge laurel
schinusspurge nettle
schinus chichitaspurred gentian
schinus mollesquamule
Schizachyriumsquash vine
schizachyriumsquaw corn
schizachyrium scopariumsquaw grass
schizaeasquaw huckleberry
schizaea pusillasquaw root
schizocarpsquirrel corn
Schizopetalonsquirreltail barley
schizopetalonsquirreltail grass
schizopetalon walkerisquirting cucumber
Schizophragmast. augustine grass
schizosaccharomycesstachys palustris
Schizostylisstachys sylvatica
SchlumbergeraStachys (betony)
schlumbergera buckleyistaff tree
schlumbergera gaertneristaff vine
schlumbergera truncatusstagger bush
schomburgkiastaghorn fern
Schomburgkia an orchid genusstaghorn moss
Schotiastaghorn sumac
sciadopityaceaestalked puffball
scilla nonscriptaStanhopea (an orchid genus)
scilla vernastanleya
Scilla stanleya pinnata
scindapsus aureusStapelianthus
Scirpoidesstapelias asterias
scirpus acutusstaphylea
scirpus cyperinusStaphylea (bladdernut)
scleranthusstar anise
scleranthus annuusstar apple
Sclerocactusstar begonia
sclerodermastar earthball
scleroderma aurantiumstar grass
scleroderma bovistastar ipomoea
scleroderma citrinumstar jasmine
scleroderma flavidiumstar magnolia
sclerodermataceaestar of the veldt
sclerodermatalesstar saxifrage
sclerotiniastar tulip
sclerotiniaceaestarch wheat
sclerotiumstarfish flower
Scoliopusstarry saxifrage
scolopendriumstarved aster
scolopendrium nigripesstarwort
scolymus hispanicusStauntonia
Scopoliastave wood
scopolia carniolicastelis
scorpioid cymestellaria
scorpion weedstellaria holostea
scorpionweedstellaria media
scorzonera hispanicastem ginger
scotch asphodelstem lettuce
scotch broomstemless daisy
scotch firstemless golden weed
scotch galestemless hymenoxys
scotch laburnumStenanthium
scotch marigoldStenocactus
scotch pineStenocarpus
scotch thistlestenocarpus
scots heatherstenocarpus salignus
scots pinestenocarpus sinuatus
scottish mapleStenocereus
scouring rushstenochlaena
screw augurStenomesson
screw beanStenotaphrum
screw pinestenotaphrum
screw treestenotaphrum secundatum
screwbean mesquitestenotus
scrophulariastenotus acaulis
Scrophularia (figwort)Stephanandra
scrub beefwoodStephanotis
scrub oakstephanotis
scrub palmettostephanotis floribunda
scrub pinesterculia
scurvy grasssterculia acerifolia
scutch grasssterculia apetala
Scutellariasterculia family
scutellariasterculia foetida
scutellaria lateriflorasterculia rupestris
scythian lambsterculiaceae
sea ashSternbergia
sea asterstevia
sea colesticherus
sea dahliasticherus flabellatus
sea eryngiumstick
sea hollysticker
sea holmsticktight
sea island cottonstickweed
sea kalesticky aster
sea lavendersticky geranium
sea lyme grassstiff aster
sea milkwortstiff gentian
sea onionstigma
sea peaStigmaphyllon
sea pinkstinging hair
sea poppystinging nettle
sea spurrystink bell
sea squillstinkhorn
sea starwortstinking bean trefoil
sea trifolystinking cedar
sea wormwoodstinking chamomile
sea wrackstinking clover
seabeach sandwortstinking elder
seashore mallowstinking gladwyn
seaside alderstinking goosefoot
seaside centaurystinking hellebore
seaside daisystinking horehound
seaside goldenrodstinking iris
seaside mahoestinking mayweed
seaside scrub oakstinking nightshade
sebastianastinking smut
secalestinking wattle
secale cerealestinking weed
second growthstinking yew
secotialesstinky squid
sedge familystipule
sedum acrestizolobium
sedum roseastizolobium deeringiana
sedum telephiumstock
Sedum (stonecrop)Stokesia
seed coatstokesia laevis
seed fernstolon
seed leafstoma
seed plantstomate
seed vesselStomatium
seedlingstone bramble
seedpodstone cress
sego lilystone fruit
Selaginellastone life face
selaginellastone mimicry plant
selaginella apodastone parsley
selaginella eatoniistone pine
selaginella eremophilastone plant
selaginella rupestrisstone root
Selagostonecrop family
semaphore plantstorax family
Semiaquilegiastrainer vine
semiepiphytestrangler fig
seminole breadstrangler tree
semiparasitestrap fern
Sempervivum (hens and chicks)Stratiotes
seneca snakerootstraw foxglove
seneciostraw mushroom
senecio aureusstrawberry
senecio bigeloviistrawberry blite
senecio cinerariastrawberry bush
senecio cruentusstrawberry geranium
senecio doublasiistrawberry guava
senecio glabellusstrawberry pigweed
senecio jacobaeastrawberry saxifrage
senecio milkanioidesstrawberry shrub
senecio triangularisstrawberry tomato
senecio vulgarisstrawberry tree
Senecio (ragwort)strawflower
senegastream orchid
senega rootstrekelia
senega snakerootstrekelia formosissima
seneka snakerootstrelitzia
senga rootstrelitzia family
Sennastrelitzia reginae
sennaStrelitzia (bird of paradise)
senna alatastrelitziaceae
senna alexandrinastreptocarpus
senna auriculataStreptocarpus (Cape primrose)
senna marilandicaStreptosolen
senna obtusifoliastreptosolen
senna occidentalisstreptosolen jamesonii
sensitive fernstringybark
sensitive peastringybark pine
sensitive plantstriped coral root
sepalstriped dogwood
september elmstriped gentian
septobasidiaceaestriped maple
septobasidiumstriped violet
sequoia giganteastrobilomyces
sequoia sempervirensstrobilomyces floccopus
sequoia wellingtoniastrobilus
Sequoia (coast redwood)stroma
Sequoiadendron (giant sequoia)Strombocactus
serenoa repensstrongylodon
sericea lespedezastrophanthus
sericocarpusstrophanthus kombe
seriphidiumstropharia ambigua
seriphidium canumstropharia hornemannii
seriphidium maritimumstrophariaceae
seriphidium tridentatumStuartia
serpent fernsturt pea
serrate leafstyle
serratula tinctoriastylomecon
service treestylophorum
serviceberrystylophorum diphyllum
sesame familyStyphelia
sesamum indicumstyphelia humifusum
Sesbaniastyphelia triflora
sesbaniastyptic weed
sesbania exaltatastyracaceae
sesbania grandifloraStyrax
Sesleriastyrax family
sessile trilliumstyrax japonicum
setastyrax obassia
Setariastyrax texana
setariasubalpine fir
setaria glaucasubalpine larch
setaria italicasubclass alismatidae
setaria viridissubclass arecidae
setterwortsubclass asteridae
seville orangesubclass caryophyllidae
shadblowsubclass commelinidae
shadbushsubclass dilleniidae
shaddocksubclass discomycetes
shade treesubclass euascomycetes
shadflowersubclass hamamelidae
shagbarksubclass liliidae
shagbark hickorysubclass magnoliidae
shaggy capsubclass rosidae
shaggymanesubdivision ascomycota
shaggymane mushroomsubdivision cycadophyta
shallonsubdivision ginkgophyta
shallotsubdivision pinophytina
shallusubdivision pteropsida
shame plantsubdivision taxophytina
shamrocksubfamily acoraceae
shamrock peasubfamily cabombaceae
shasta daisysubfamily carpinaceae
shawnee saladsubfamily corylaceae
shawnysubfamily dracaenaceae
sheep fescuesubfamily dracenaceae
sheep laurelsubfamily mimosoideae
sheep plantsubfamily nelumbonaceae
sheep polyporesubfamily smilacaceae
sheep sorrelsubfamily taxodiaceae
shelf fungussubfamily uvulariaceae
shellsubgenus azalea
shell beansubgenus azaleastrum
shell bean plantsubgenus calliopsis
shell gingersubgenus poinciana
shellbark hickorysubularia
shellflowersubularia aquatica
shield fernsucculent
shiitake mushroomsugar beet
shingle oaksugar cane
shingle treesugar corn
shining clubmosssugar maple
shining sumacsugar palm
shining willowsugar pea
shinleafsugar snap pea
shiny lyoniasugar sorghum
shittahsugar sumac
shittah treesugarberry
shoe blacksuillus
shoeblack plantsuillus albivelatus
shoestring fungussuksdorfia
shoo flysuksdorfia violaceae
shore pinesulfur paintbrush
shorea teysmannianasumac
shortgrasssumac family
shortiasummer cohosh
shortia galacifoliasummer cypress
shortleaf pinesummer damask rose
shortleaf yellow pinesummer haw
showy daisysummer hyacinth
showy goldenrodsummer savory
showy lady slippersummer snowflake
showy milkweedsummer squash
showy orchissummer squash vine
showy sunflowersummer sweet
shrubsun marigold
shrubby bittersweetsun pitcher
shrubby penstemonsun plant
shrubletsun rose
shumacsun spurge
shumard oaksunberry
shumard red oaksundacarpus
shun gikusundacarpus amara
siberian crabsundew
siberian crab applesundew family
siberian elmsundew plant
siberian larchsundial lupine
siberian milletsundrops
siberian pea treesunflower
siberian sprucesunray
siberian wall flowersunrose
Sibiraeasurinam cherry
sickle alfalfaSutera
sickle lucerneSutherlandia
sickle medickSwainsona
sickleweed golden asterswainsona galegifolia
sidaswainsona grandiflora
sida hermaphroditaswainsona greyana
sida rhombifoliaSwainsonia
sida spinosaswallow wort
sidalceaswamp ash
sidalcea malvifloraswamp azalea
Sideritisswamp bay
sideritisswamp birch
sierra lodgepole pineswamp blackberry
sierra plumswamp blueberry
sierra redwoodswamp candleberry
sieva beanswamp candles
sieve tubeswamp chestnut oak
sileneswamp cottonwood
silene acaulisswamp cypress
silene carolinianaswamp dewberry
silene dioicaswamp gum
silene latifoliaswamp hickory
silene unifloraswamp horsetail
silene virginicaswamp laurel
silene vulgarisswamp lily
Silene (campion)swamp locust
silicleswamp mallow
siliquaswamp maple
siliqueswamp milkweed
silk grassswamp oak
silk oakswamp pine
silk treeswamp plant
silk vineswamp poplar
silk woodswamp red oak
silkgrassswamp rose mallow
silkweedswamp sunflower
silkwoodswamp white oak
silky cornelswamp willow
silky dogwoodswan orchid
silky elmswan river daisy
silky oakswan river everlasting
silky willowswanflower
silky wisteriaswanneck
silphiumswedish turnip
silphium laciniatumsweet acacia
silver ashsweet alison
silver beechsweet almond
silver bellsweet almond oil
silver berrysweet alyssum
silver birchsweet balm
silver dollarsweet basil
silver fernsweet bay
silver firsweet bells
silver grasssweet birch
silver lacesweet buckeye
silver lace vinesweet calamus
silver limesweet cassava
silver lindensweet chestnut
silver maplesweet cicely
silver oaksweet clover
silver pinesweet coltsfoot
silver quandongsweet corn
silver quandong treesweet corn plant
silver sagesweet elder
silver sagebrushsweet false chamomile
silver sprucesweet fern
silver thatchsweet flag
silver treesweet gale
silver tree fernsweet goldenrod
silver vinesweet granadilla
silver wattlesweet grass
silver willowsweet gum
silverbell treesweet gum tree
silverberrysweet lemon
silverbushsweet lime
silverleaf nightshadesweet marjoram
silverrodsweet melon
silverswordsweet melon vine
silvertop palmettosweet orange tree
silvervinesweet pea
silverweedsweet pepper
silvery spleenwortsweet pepper plant
silvery wormwoodsweet pepperbush
Silybumsweet potato
silybumsweet potato vine
silybum marianumsweet reseda
simalsweet rocket
simaroubasweet sand verbena
simarouba amarasweet scabious
simarouba glaucasweet shrub
simaroubaceaesweet sorghum
Simmondsia (jojoba)sweet sultan
simplesweet unicorn plant
simple fruitsweet vetch
simple leafsweet violet
simple pistilsweet wattle
sinapissweet white violet
sinapis albasweet william
sinapis arvensissweet woodruff
singletary peasweet wormwood
sinningia speciosasweetleaf
Sinofranchetiasweetleaf family
sirissweetsop tree
siris treesweetwood bark
sisal familyswertia perennia
sishamswertia speciosa
siskiyou lewisiaswietinia
sisonswietinia macrophylla
sison amomumswietinia mahogani
sissooswiss chard
sissuswiss mountain pine
sisymbrium barbareaswiss pine
sisymbrium officinaleswiss stone pine
Sisyrinchiumswitch cane
sisyrinchiumswitch grass
sitka sprucesword bean
sitka willowsword fern
siumsword grass
sium latifoliumsword lily
sium sisarumSyagrus
sium suavesycamore
Skimmiasycamore fig
sleeping hibiscussyconium
sleepy dickSycoparrotia (hybrid genus)
slender centaurySycopsis
slender knapweedsymphoricarpos
slender lady palmsymphoricarpos alba
slender rushSymphoricarpos (snowberry)
slender spike rushSymphyandra
slender wheatgrasssymphytum
slender wild oatsymphytum officinale
slime moldSymphytum (comfrey)
slime mouldsymplocaceae
slime mushroomsymplocarpus
slipsymplocarpus foetidus
slipper orchidSymplocos
slipper plantsymplocus
slipper spurgesymplocus paniculata
slipperwortsymplocus tinctoria
slippery elmSynadenium
sloanea jamaicensissynchytriaceae
slough grassSyneilesis
small caneSyngonium
small cranberrysyngonium
small white asterSynthyris
smilacaceaesyrian bean caper
Smilaxsyringa emodi
smilaxsyringa josikaea
smilax asperasyringa josikea
smilax rotundifoliasyringa persica
smilosyringa reticulata
smilo grasssyringa villosa
Smithianthasyringa vulgaris
smoke bushSyringa (lilac)
smoke treesyzygium
smooth aldersyzygium aromaticum
smooth asterSyzygium (rose apple)
smooth bark kauri

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