Plants That Start With L


What are common plants that start with L? In this article, I will provide a comprehensive list of plants starting with L.

There are so many plants and flowers that start with L. Most L plants can only be found in specific geographical zones, while a good number can be planted in any region.

Before teaching a kid how to read sentences, it is essential to make sure to know the 5 letter L plants vocabulary.

Plants That Start With L are for students at the grade 2 to grade 5 levels. Here is a range of the L Plants names that will assist students. I hope this will help!

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Here are four letter plants starting with L, five letter plants starting with L, six letter plants starting with L, seven letter plants starting with L, and eight letter plants starting with L in English, arranged in alphabetical order, which helps students correctly understand the L plant names.

Virtually everyone living on earth has their favorite plants that start with L. But there are many L starting plants you may have never heard of.

5 Letter L plant name lists can assist your kids in understanding the ways that other languages work. I hope, these free 4 letter L plant collections will assist you in achieving your goals.

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Plants That Start With L List

Here are plants that start with L in English that will encourage your English Vocabulary.

It is a fact that there are too many lovely plants that start with L; it is challenging to choose to include them in the list.

The following list of over over 200 plants that start with L is for you. All these L plants are validated using recognized English dictionaries.

lablab purpureuslicorice fern
labrador tealicorice root
laburnumligneous plant
laburnum alpinumlignosae
laburnum anagyroideslignum
Laburnum (laburnum)lignum vitae
laccopetalum giganteumligule
lace fernligustrum amurense
lacebarkligustrum ibolium
lacepodligustrum japonicum
lacewoodligustrum lucidum
Lachenalia (Cape cowslip)ligustrum obtusifolium
lacquer treeligustrum ovalifolium
lactariusligustrum vulgare
lactarius deliciosoLigustrum (privet)
lactuca sativaliliaceae
lactuca sativa capitataliliaceous plant
lactuca sativa crispaliliales
lactuca scariolaliliid monocot family
lactuca serriolaliliid monocot genus
lady fernliliopsid
lady palmliliopsid family
lady slipperliliopsid genus
lady tulipliliopsida
Laelia (an orchid genus)lilium auratum
Laeliocattleyalilium canadense
Lagarosiphonlilium candidum
lagarostrobuslilium catesbaei
lagarostrobus colensoililium columbianum
lagenarialilium lancifolium
lagenaria sicerarialilium longiflorum
lagenopheralilium maritinum
Lagenophoralilium martagon
Lagerstroemialilium michiganense
lagerstroemia indicalilium pardalinum
lagerstroemia speciosalilium philadelphicum
Lagunarialilium superbum
lagunculariaLilium (lily)
laguncularia racemosalily
Laguruslily family
lalthyrus tingitanuslily of the incas
Lamarckialily of the nile
lamb succorylily of the valley
Lambertialily pad
lambertia formosalily turf
lamellalima bean
lamellate placentationlima bean plant
lamiumlimber pine
lamium albumlime
lamium amplexicaulelime tree
Lamium (deadnettle)limestone fern
lanceolate leaflimnobium
lanceolate spleenwortLimnocharis
lancewoodlimnodium spongia
lancewood treelimonium
land cressLimonium (sea lavender)
languas speciosalinanthus dianthiflorus
lanseh treelinanthus dichotomus
lansium domesticumlinaria
lantanalinaria canadensis
Lantana (shrub verbena)linaria vulgaris
LapageriaLinaria (toadflax)
laportea canadensislinden
lappulalinden family
larchlinden tree
larch treeLindera
Lardizabalalindera benzoin
lardizabala familylindheimera
lardizabalaceaelindheimera texana
large crabgrassLindheimera (star daisy)
large cranberrylinear leaf
large periwinkleling
large tooth aspenling ko
large white petunialingberry
largeleaf hollylingenberry
larix decidualinnaea
larix laricinalinnaea borealis
larix lyalliiLinnaea (twinflower)
larix occidentalisLinospadix
larix russicalinosyris vulgaris
larix sibericalinum
Larix (larch)Linum (flax)
larrealip fern
larrea tridentataliparis
Larrea (creosote bush)liparis loeselii
lasthenia chrysostomalipstick plant
Latania (Latan palm)liquidambar styraciflua
latanierLiquidambar (sweetgum)
latanier palmliquorice
late purple asterliriodendron
Lathraealiriodendron tulipifera
LathyrusLiriodendron (tulip tree)
lathyrus hirsutusliriope
lathyrus japonicusliriope muscari
lathyrus latifoliusLiriope (lilyturf)
lathyrus maritimuslistera
lathyrus nigerlistera convallarioides
lathyrus nissolialistera cordata
lathyrus odoratuslistera ovata
lathyrus palustrislitchi
lathyrus pratensislitchi chinensis
lathyrus sativuslitchi tree
lathyrus splendensLithocarpus
lathyrus sylvestrislithocarpus densiflorus
lathyrus tuberosuslithocarpus glaber
lathyrus vernuslithocarpus glabra
lauraceaelithophragma affine
laurellithophragma affinis
laurel cherrylithophyte
laurel familylithophytic plant
laurel oakLithops
laurel sumaclithospermum
laurel willowlithospermum canescens
Laurelialithospermum officinale
laurelwoodlittle club moss
Lauruslittle ebony spleenwort
laurus nobilislittle golden zinnia
lavandula angustifolialive oak
lavandula latifolialivelong
lavandula officinalisliverleaf
lavandula stoechasliverwort
Lavandula (lavender)living granite
lavateraliving rock
lavatera arborealiving stone
Lavatera (mallow)livingstone daisy
lavender cottonlivistona australis
Lawsonializard orchid
lawyer bushLoasa
lawyer caneloasa family
layia platyglossalobed leaf
lead plantlobed spleenwort
lead treeLobelia
leadplantlobelia cardinalis
leadwortlobelia dortmanna
leadwort familylobelia family
leaflobelia inflata
leaf beetlobelia siphilitica
leaf bladelobeliaceae
leaf budloblolly pine
leaf lettucelobster plant
leaf mustardlobularia
leaf nodelobularia maritima
leafageLobularia (sweet alyssum)
leafy liverwortlocust bean
leafy spurgelocust pod
leak funguslocust tree
leather fernloddon pondweed
leather flowerlodgepole
leatherleaflodgepole pine
leatherleaf fernLodoicea (coco de mer)
leatherleaf saxifrageloganberry
leatherleaf wood fernlogania
leathery grape fernlogwood
leathery polypodylogwood tree
lecanoraloiseleuria procumbens
leccinumlolium multiflorum
leccinum fibrillosumlolium perenne
lechanoraleslolium temulentum
LechenaultiaLomandra (mat rush)
Ledodendron Lomatium
ledum groenlandicumlombardy poplar
ledum palustreloment
Legousialonas annua
legumelonas inodora
legume familylonchocarpus
leguminosaelondon plane
leguminous plantlong beech fern
Leiophyllumlong moss
leiophyllum buxifoliumlong pepper
leitneria floridanalongar palm
leitneriaceaelongheaded thimbleweed
lemaireocereuslongleaf pine
lemaireocereus chichipelongroot
Lemboglossumlonicera albiflora
lemmalonicera canadensis
lemnalonicera caprifolium
lemna minorlonicera dioica
lemna trisulcalonicera flava
lemnaceaelonicera hirsuta
lemonlonicera involucrata
lemon balmlonicera japonica
lemon geraniumlonicera morrowii
lemon grasslonicera periclymenum
lemon lilylonicera sempervirens
lemon mintlonicera tatarica
lemon sumaclonicera xylosteum
lemon treeLonicera (honeysuckle)
lemonwood treeloofah
lennoaceaelooking glass tree
Lenophyllumloose smut
lens culinarisloosestrife family
lent lilyLopezia
lenten roseLophomyrtus
lenticellophophora williamsii
lentil plantlophosoriaceae
lentinus edodesLophostemon
lentinus lepideusloquat
lentiskloquat tree
leonotis leonurusloranthus
leonotis nepetaefolialoranthus europaeus
leonotis nepetifolialorchel
leontodon autumnalislotus americanus
leontopodiumlotus berthelotii
leontopodium alpinumlotus corniculatus
Leontopodium (edelweiss)lotus tetragonolobus
leonuruslotus tree
leonurus cardiacaloufah sponge
leopard lilylovage
leopard plantlove apple
leopardbanelove grass
leotia lubricalove tree
lepechinialove vine
lepechinia calycinalovoa
leper lilylovoa klaineana
lepidiumlow blueberry
lepidium alpinalow gallberry holly
lepidium sativumlowbush penstemon
lepidobotryaceaelowland fir
lepidobotryslowland white fir
lepidothamnus fonkiiLuculia
lepiota americanaluffa acutangula
lepiota cepaestipesluffa cylindrica
lepiota clypeolariaLuma
lepiota morganiLunaria
lepiota naucinalunaria annua
lepiota proceralungen
lepiota rhacodeslupin
lepiota rubrotinctalupine
lepista irinalupinus albus
leptarrhenalupinus arboreus
leptarrhena pyrolifolialupinus luteus
Leptinellalupinus perennis
leptopterislupinus subcarnosus
leptopteris superbalupinus texensis
leptosporangiumLupinus (lupin)
lespedezaLuzula (woodrush)
lespedeza bicolorLycaste (an orchid genus)
lespedeza cuneatalychins chalcedonica
lespedeza sericealychins floscuculi
lespedeza stipulacealychnis
lespedeza striatalychnis alba
Lespedeza (bush clover)lychnis coronaria
lesquerellalychnis dioica
lesser bullrushLychnis (campion)
lesser burdockLycium
lesser butterfly orchidlycium barbarum
lesser calamintlycium carolinianum
lesser celandinelycium halimifolium
lesser centaurylycoperdaceae
lesser duckweedlycoperdales
lesser galangallycoperdon
lesser hemlocklycopersicon
lesser knapweedlycopersicon esculentum
lesser spearwortlycopersicum
lesser twaybladelycophyta
lesser wintergreenlycopod
lesser yellow trefoillycopodiaceae
leucadendron argenteumlycopodineae
leucaena glaucalycopodium alpinum
leucaena leucocephalalycopodium clavitum
Leucanthemellalycopodium complanatum
Leucanthemopsislycopodium lucidulum
Leucanthemumlycopodium obscurum
leucanthemum lacustrelycopodium selago
leucanthemum maximumLycopodium (club moss)
leucanthemum superbumlycopsida
leucanthemum vulgarelycopus
Leuchtenbergialycopus americanus
Leucocorynelycopus europaeus
Leucogeneslycopus virginicus
leucogenes leontopodiumLycoris
Leucojum (snowflake)lyginopteridales
Leucopogonlygodium microphyllum
Leucoraoulialygodium palmatum
Leucospermum (pincushion)Lygodium (climbing fern)
Leucothoelyme grass
leucothoe editorumLyonia
leucothoe fontanesianalyonia ligustrina
leucothoe racemosalyonia lucida
levant cottonlyonia mariana
levant garlicLyonothamnus
levisticumlyrate leaf
levisticum officinalelyreflower
lewisia cotyledonlysichiton americanum
lewisia redivivaLysichiton 
leycesteria formosaLysiloma
Leymuslysiloma bahamensis
leymus arenarialysiloma latisiliqua
leymus condensatuslysiloma sabicu
Liatrislysimachia ciliatum
liatris punctatalysimachia nemorum
liatris pycnostachyalysimachia nummularia
liberian coffeelysimachia quadrifolia
Libertialysimachia terrestris
Libocedruslysimachia vulgaris
libocedrus bidwilliilythraceae
libocedrus decurrenslythrum
libocedrus plumosalythrum hyssopifolia
licheelythrum salicaria
lichenLythrum (loosestrife)

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