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In this article, I will be providing you a list of fruits that start with K in the English language vocabulary.

Fruits are an essential part of our diet, and there are numerous varieties available across the globe. While some are famous and widely consumed, others remain relatively unknown. In this blog post, we will explore the world of fruits that start with the letter K. This may seem like a difficult task at first, but there are actually quite a few fruits that begin with this letter. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and flavorful fruits that start with K.

All these fruits starting with the letter K are verified, using acknowledged sources for their genuineness before being enlisted. Source: Your Info Master.

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Famous Fruits Starting with K

  1. Kiwi: This small, brown fruit with fuzzy skin and bright green flesh is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s a popular addition to fruit salads, smoothies, and desserts.
  2. Kumquat: This tiny citrus fruit is oval-shaped and has a sweet, tangy flavor. It’s often eaten whole, including the peel, and is a great source of vitamin C.
  3. Kaffir Lime: This fruit is native to Southeast Asia and is often used in Thai and Indonesian cuisine. The skin and leaves are highly fragrant and are used to add flavor to curries, soups, and salads.
  4. Key Lime: This small, round fruit is similar to a regular lime, but is more acidic and has a stronger flavor. It’s commonly used to make key lime pie, a classic dessert from the Florida Keys.
  5. Kiwano: Also known as horned melon, this fruit has a spiky, bright orange exterior and a green, jelly-like interior. It’s sweet and tangy, and is often used in salads and smoothies.

Fruits that start with K are for students at the grade 1 to grade 10. Here is a range of the K fruits names that will assist students. I hope this will help!

10 Sentences about Fruits That Start With K

Here is the list of 10 sentences about fruits that start with K:

  1. Karen enjoys a delicious kiwi smoothie every morning for breakfast.
  2. Kelsey added some sliced kumquats to her fruit salad for a tangy twist.
  3. The kaffir lime leaves gave the soup a fragrant and flavorful kick.
  4. Key lime juice is a key ingredient in many cocktails, including the margarita.
  5. Kyle couldn’t resist trying the kiwano at the farmers market, even though it looked a little strange.
  6. Kaitlyn’s mom made a delicious kumquat marmalade for her toast.
  7. The kiwi fruit was first cultivated in China, but is now grown in many parts of the world.
  8. The kaffir lime tree is prized for its fragrant leaves and fruit, which are used in cooking and baking.
  9. Key limes are much smaller than regular limes, but are more acidic and have a stronger flavor.
  10. Kate’s favorite fruit is the kiwi, and she loves to add it to her salads, smoothies, and desserts.

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Here are fruits that start with K in English that will encourage your English Vocabulary.

It is a fact that there are too many lovely fruits that start with K; it is challenging to choose to include them in the list.

The following list of over over 200 fruits names that start with K, is for you. All these K fruits are validated using recognized world dictionaries.

  • Kabosu
  • Kaffir Lime
  • Kakadu Plum
  • Kaki Fruit
  • Kandis
  • Kapok Fruit
  • Karanda
  • Karela Fruit
  • Karonda Fruit
  • Kashew Fruit
  • Kasni
  • Kava
  • Kei Apple
  • Kelengkeng Fruit
  • Keule
  • Kiwi
  • Kiwano
  • Kola Nut
  • Konjac
  • Kousa Dogwood Fruit
  • Kowhaiwhai
  • Kudzu
  • Kumquat
  • Kundong Fruit
  • Kwai Muk
  • Kwai Fah
  • Kwai Muk Fruit
  • Kwai Zi
  • Kwandong Fruit
  • Kyoho Grape
  • Kaffir Lime Leaves
  • Kagzi Lime
  • Kalamansi
  • Kalip
  • Kandis
  • Kangaroo Apple
  • Kanki
  • Kantola
  • Kapok
  • Kapok Tree Fruit
  • Kapok Seed Pod
  • Karanda Berry
  • Karonda
  • Kasoori Methi
  • Katakuri
  • Kate Fruit
  • Kavuni Rice
  • Kawakawa Berry
  • Kawakawa Fruit
  • Keenu
  • Kenaf
  • Kenaf Hibiscus
  • Keppel Fruit
  • Kerson Fruit
  • Kewra
  • Kha
  • Khair Tree Fruit
  • Khatta Palam
  • Khirni Fruit
  • Kiowa Plum
  • Kishu Mandarin
  • Kitul
  • Kitembilla
  • Kitnay
  • Kitten Ears
  • Kiwi Berries
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Kiwano Horned Melon
  • Kiwi Nergi
  • Kluai Khai
  • Kluwak
  • Knippa
  • Knobbed Russet
  • Kohlrabi
  • Kokam
  • Kokum
  • Kola Nut
  • Konnyaku
  • Konyu
  • Kopi Luwak
  • Kopi Tiam
  • Korn
  • Korlan
  • Kosa
  • Koshihikari Rice
  • Kosmik
  • Kousa Dogwood Fruit
  • Kowhai
  • Krai
  • Kra Chai
  • Kudzu Root
  • Kukum Butter
  • Kukui Nut
  • Kumara
  • Kumpai Fruit
  • Kundong
  • Kununurra Mango
  • Kurrajong Seed Pod
  • Kuruba Fruit

Fruits That Start With K | Fruit Names Charts

The charts showcasing fruits beginning with the letter K can aid educators and learners in expressing their ideas. K fruits Infographics and charts are highly efficient in conveying significant amounts of information in an engaging manner.

Fruit names charts can be incredibly useful for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the many different fruits available worldwide. A fruit names chart that starts with the letter K can be particularly helpful, as it can introduce you to lesser-known fruits that begin with this letter. By using a fruit names chart, you can learn about the appearance, taste, and nutritional value of each fruit, and even find new recipes to try.


Exploring the world of fruits that start with K has been an exciting and informative journey. From the popular kiwi to the lesser-known kaffir lime, there are many flavorful and nutritious fruits that begin with this letter. By incorporating these fruits into your diet, you can enjoy a wide range of health benefits while also savoring their unique tastes and textures. So, the next time you’re at the grocery store or farmer’s market, keep an eye out for these delicious fruits and give them a try!

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