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Accordingly Definition

“At its core, “Accordingly” is an adverb that signifies in a manner that is appropriate to the circumstances or in relation to something that has been said or done. It is about aligning actions or decisions with what is expected or required. When you act “accordingly,” you are responding appropriately.

Accordingly Meaning ?

Imagine receiving an invitation to a formal event with a dress code, and you choose attire that suits the occasion. In this scenario, you have dressed “accordingly” to the given guidelines. Acting accordingly involves making choices that are in sync with the context.

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Accordingly Synonyms

Here is a compilation of Accordingly synonyms

  1. Consequently: As a result of something.
  2. Hence: For this reason or because of this.
  3. Therefore: For that reason or as a result.
  4. Thus: In this way or as a consequence.
  5. So: In the same way or therefore.
  6. Henceforth: From this point forward.
  7. Ergo: Therefore or as a logical result.
  8. In consequence: As a result of this.

Accordingly Antonyms

Here is a list of Accordingly antonyms:

  1. Inappropriately: Not in a suitable or proper manner.
  2. Contrarily: In a way that contradicts or opposes.
  3. Disregard: To ignore or neglect what is expected.
  4. Unsuitably: In a manner that does not align with the context.
Accordingly Synonyms, Antonyms, Meaning, Definition

Example Sentences with Accordingly

Here is a list of example sentences with Accordingly:

  1. She received a promotion, and accordingly, her responsibilities increased.
  2. The weather forecast predicted rain, so accordingly, he carried an umbrella.
  3. If you follow the recipe accordingly, your dish will turn out delicious.
  4. The team leader assigned tasks accordingly based on each member’s strengths.
  5. Accordingly, he adjusted his presentation to suit the audience’s preferences.
  6. Time management is crucial; plan your day accordingly to maximize productivity.
  7. After reviewing the evidence, the judge ruled accordingly.
  8. Accordingly, the company implemented cost-saving measures.
  9. The student studied diligently and accordingly achieved excellent grades.
  10. She dressed accordingly for the formal event, wearing an elegant gown.
  11. When traveling to a foreign country, research their customs and behave accordingly.
  12. The instructions were clear, and the team executed the project accordingly.
  13. Accordingly, they scheduled the meeting for tomorrow morning.
  14. He budgeted accordingly to save for his dream vacation.
  15. The road signs provided directions, and they followed them accordingly.
  16. If you plan your finances accordingly, you can achieve your financial goals.
  17. Accordingly, she prepared a detailed report for the board meeting.
  18. The teacher explained the assignment, and the students worked accordingly.
  19. The manager praised employees who performed their tasks accordingly.
  20. Accordingly, the chef used fresh ingredients for the best flavor.
  21. The judge’s decision was fair, and it was followed accordingly.
  22. He arranged the flowers accordingly to create a beautiful bouquet.
  23. The law was clear, and the authorities enforced it accordingly.
  24. The architect designed the building accordingly to withstand earthquakes.
  25. She prioritized her tasks and completed them accordingly.
Accordingly Sentences

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In conclusion, “Accordingly” is a word that embodies the idea of alignment and appropriateness. It signifies responding or behaving in a manner that is consistent with the context or expectations. By incorporating this word into your vocabulary and actions, you can navigate various situations with clarity and effectiveness. Always remember to act accordingly to achieve your goals and make the right decisions! ??

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