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Accommodate is a versatile word that finds its roots in Latin. It originates from the word “accommodatus,” which means “made fitting or adapted.” This word has a rich history dating back centuries. From its Latin beginnings, it made its way into Old French as “acommouder” and then into Middle English as “acomoden.” Over time, it has evolved to become a fundamental part of the English language.

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Accommodate Definition

Accommodate, as a verb, holds a precise definition. It refers to the act of providing lodging or space for someone or something. It’s about making room or adjustments to fit the needs or desires of others. This could involve offering shelter, adapting to circumstances, or even adjusting to new information. In essence, accommodating implies a willingness to make situations more comfortable, accessible, or agreeable for others.

Accommodate Meaning

To understand the meaning of “accommodate,” imagine a host who opens their home to friends. They clear a guest room, set out fresh linens, and ensure the house is welcoming. In this scenario, accommodating signifies making arrangements or adjustments to provide a comfortable and inviting stay.

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Accommodate Synonyms

Here is a compilation of Accommodate synonyms

  1. Hold: To have the capacity for.
  2. Seat: To provide a place for someone to sit.
  3. Fit: To be the right size or shape for.
  4. Contain: To have within.
  5. Take: To allow or accept.
  6. Encompass: To encircle or include.
  7. Carry: To transport or convey.
  8. House: To provide shelter or accommodation.

Accommodate Antonyms

Here is a list of Accommodate antonyms:

  1. Disrupt: To interrupt or disturb.
  2. Disturb: To interfere with the peace or order.
  3. Upset: To cause emotional or physical disturbance.
  4. Confuse: To bewilder or perplex.
  5. Skew: To distort or misrepresent.
Accommodate Synonyms, Antonyms, Meaning, Definition

Example Sentences with Accommodate

Here is a list of example sentences with Accommodate:

  1. The hotel can accommodate up to 200 guests for events.
  2. The conference room is designed to accommodate various seating arrangements.
  3. She kindly offered to accommodate her guests in her cozy cottage.
  4. The restaurant was able to accommodate our dietary restrictions.
  5. The flexible workspace can accommodate teams of all sizes.
  6. The theater strives to accommodate patrons with disabilities.
  7. The airline went above and beyond to accommodate our travel needs.
  8. The school aims to accommodate students from diverse backgrounds.
  9. The city’s public transportation is designed to accommodate commuters.
  10. The new hotel is fully accommodated with modern amenities.
  11. The company’s policies are tailored to accommodate work-life balance.
  12. The park has picnic areas that can accommodate families.
  13. The university dorms accommodate both single and shared rooms.
  14. The museum is accessible and can accommodate wheelchairs.
  15. The restaurant can accommodate large parties with reservations.
  16. The library has private study rooms to accommodate students.
  17. The conference center can accommodate up to 500 attendees.
  18. The hotel offers suites that can accommodate families.
  19. The gym is equipped to accommodate various workout routines.
  20. The airport has terminals to accommodate international travelers.
  21. The theater can accommodate both indoor and outdoor performances.
  22. The stadium is designed to accommodate thousands of spectators.
  23. The online platform is user-friendly to accommodate all skill levels.
  24. The restaurant can accommodate special dietary requests.
  25. The cruise ship is built to accommodate passengers of all ages.
Accommodate Sentences

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In a world where adaptability and comfort are valued, the word accommodate holds great significance. It signifies a willingness to make room for others, whether in physical spaces, services, or even in one’s mindset. Being able to accommodate is a trait that fosters inclusivity, convenience, and harmony in various aspects of life. So, let’s embrace the spirit of accommodation and make the world a more welcoming place for all! ??

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