Plants That Start With P


What are common plants that start with P? In this article, I will provide a comprehensive list of plants starting with P.

There are so many plants and flowers that start with P. Most P plants can only be found in specific geographical zones, while a good number can be planted in any region.

Before teaching a kid how to read sentences, it is essential to make sure to know the 5 letter P plants vocabulary.

Plants That Start With P are for students at the grade 2 to grade 5 levels. Here is a range of the P Plants names that will assist students. I hope this will help!

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Here are four letter plants starting with P, five letter plants starting with P, six letter plants starting with P, seven letter plants starting with P, and eight letter plants starting with P in English, arranged in alphabetical order, which helps students correctly understand the P plant names.

Virtually everyone living on earth has their favorite plants that start with P. But there are many P starting plants you may have never heard of.

5 Letter P plant name lists can assist your kids in understanding the ways that other languages work. I hope, these free 4 letter P plant collections will assist you in achieving your goals.

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Plants That Start With P List

Here are plants that start with P in English that will encourage your English Vocabulary.

It is a fact that there are too many lovely plants that start with P; it is challenging to choose to include them in the list.

The following list of over over 200 plants that start with P is for you. All these P plants are validated using recognized English dictionaries.

Phylliopsis (hybrid genus)pinus muricata
Pachistimapinus nigra
pachoulipinus palustris
Pachycereuspinus parryana
Pachycormuspinus pinea
Pachycymbiumpinus ponderosa
Pachyphragmapinus pungens
Pachyphytumpinus quadrifolia
Pachypodiumpinus radiata
pachyrhizuspinus resinosa
pachyrhizus erosuspinus rigida
pachyrhizus tuberosuspinus serotina
Pachysandrapinus strobiformis
pachysandra procumbenspinus strobus
pachysandra terminalispinus sylvestris
Pachystachyspinus taeda
Pachystegiapinus thunbergii
Pachystimapinus torreyana
Pachyveria (hybrid genus)pinus virginiana
pacific hemlockPinus (pine)
pacific plumpinwheel
pacific silver firpinwheel flower
pacific yewpinyon
packera aureapipal
padpipal tree
padaukpipe vine
paeoniapiper betel
Paeonia (peony)piper cubeba
paeoniaceaepiper longum
paeonypiper nigrum
pagoda treePiper (pepper)
paint leafpipestem clematis
painted cuppipewort
painted daisypipewort family
painted leafpipsissewa
painted nettlepiptadenia
painted tonguepiptadenia macrocarpa
pak choiPiptanthus
palaquiumpipturus albidus
palaquium guttapipturus argenteus
pale coral rootpiqueria
pale violetpiscidia
Paliuruspiscidia erythrina
palmpiscidia piscipula
palm familyPisonia
palm kernelpisonia aculeata
palm nutpissaba palm
palm treepistachio
palma christpistachio tree
palma christipistacia
palmaceaepistacia lentiscus
palmaepistacia terebinthus
palmalespistacia vera
palmate leafPistacia (pistachio)
palmyrapistia stratiotes
palmyra palmpistia stratoites
palo santopistil
palo verdepistillode
Pamianthepisum arvense
pampas grasspisum sativum
panama redwoodpisum sativum arvense
panama redwood treepit
panama treepitahaya
panamicapitahaya cactus
panax ginsengpitch apple
panax pseudoginsengpitch pine
panax quinquefoliuspitcher
panax schinsengpitcher plant
Panax (ginseng)pitcher sage
Pancratium (sea lily)pith
pandanalespithecellobium dulce
pandanus tectoriusPittosporum
Pandanus (screw pine)Pityrogramma
Pandoreapityrogramma argentea
pandurate leafpixie
panduriform leafpixy
panic grassplacenta
panicled asterplagianthus
Panicumplagianthus betulinus
panicum capillareplagianthus regius
panicum miliaceumplains lemon monarda
panicum texanumplane tree
panicum virgatumplanera
Pansyplant cell
pansy orchidplant family
pansy violetplant genus
panther lilyplant kingdom
papaiaplant order
papaverplant organ
papaver alpinumplant part
papaver argemoneplant process
papaver californicumplant structure
papaver heterophyllumplant tissue
papaver nudicauleplantae
papaver orientaleplantaginaceae
papaver rhoeasplantaginales
papaver somniferumplantago
Papaver (poppy)plantago lanceolata
papaveraceaeplantago major
papaveralesplantago media
papawplantago psyllium
papaw treeplantago rugelii
papayaplantago virginica
papaya familyPlantago (plantain)
papaya treeplantain
paper birchplantain family
paper flowerplantain lily
paper mulberryplantain tree
paper plantplantlet
paper rushplasmodial slime mold
paper whiteplasmodiophora
paperbark birchplasmodiophoraceae
Paphiopedilum (slipper orchid)platan
papillaplatanthera bifolia
papoose rootplatanthera chlorantha
papooserootplatanthera leucophea
paprikaplatanus acerifolia
papyrusplatanus occidentalis
para rubber treeplatanus orientalis
paradise flowerplatanus racemosa
paradise treeplatanus wrightii
paradisea liliastrumPlatanus (plane tree, sycamore)
Paradisea (paradise lily)platte river penstemon
paraguay teaPlatycarya
paraphysisplatycerium alcicorne
Paraquilegiaplatycerium andinum
parasitaxusplatycerium bifurcatum
parasitaxus ustusPlatycerium (staghorn fern)
parasite yewplatycladus orientalis
parasitic plantPlatycladus (Chinese arborvitae)
parasol mushroomPlatycodon (balloon flower)
parenchymaplatylobium formosum
parietal placentationplatymiscium
parietalesplatymiscium pinnatum
parietariaplatymiscium trinitatis
parietaria difussaplatystemon
parisPlatystemon (creamcups)
paris daisyplaylobium obtusangulum
paris quadrifoliaplectania
parkia javanicaplectranthus
Parkinsoniaplectranthus amboinicus
parkinsonia aculeataPlectranthus an orchid genus
parkinsonia floridaPleioblastus
parmeliaceaePleione (an orchid genus)
parnassia fimbriataPleiospilos (living granite)
parnassia palustrispleurisy root
parochetus communispleurocarpous moss
ParrotiaPleurothallis (an orchid genus)
parry manzanitapleurotus ostreatus
parsleypleurotus phosphoreus
parsley hawplum
parsnipplum tomato
parted leafplum tree
parthenium argentatumplumbaginales
partial veilplumbago europaea
particolored buckeyeplumcot
partridge peaplumcot tree
partridgeberryplume grass
paspalumplume poppy
paspalum dilatatumplume thistle
paspalum distichumplumed thistle
paspalum notatumplumed tussock
pasque flowerplumeria
pasqueflowerplumeria acutifolia
passifloraplumeria alba
passiflora edulisPlumeria (frangipani)
passiflora foetidaplumiera
passiflora incarnatapluteaceae
passiflora laurifoliapluteus
passiflora ligularispluteus aurantiorugosus
passiflora maliformispluteus cervinus
passiflora mollissimapluteus magnus
Passiflora Poa
passifloraceaepoa nemoralis
passionflowerpoa pratensis
passionflower familypoaceae
passionflower vinepod
pastinaca sativapodaxaceae
pasture brakepodocarp
Patersoniapodocarpus amara
Patriniapodocarpus coriaceus
pattypan squashpodocarpus dacrydioides
Paulowniapodocarpus elatus
Paurotispodocarpus elongatus
Pavoniapodocarpus family
pawpawpodocarpus ferruginea
payenapodocarpus latifolius
peapodocarpus nivalis
pea familypodocarpus spicata
pea plantpodocarpus totara
pea podpodophyllum
pea treepodophyllum peltatum
peace lilyPodophyllum (mayapple)
peach bellpogonia
peach bellspogonia divaricata
peach pitpogonia rosea
peach treepogostemon
peachleaf willowpogostemon cablin
peacock flowerpoinciana gilliesii
peanutpoinciana pulcherrima
peanut vinepoinciana regia
pear hawpoison arrow plant
pear hawthornpoison ash
pear treepoison bush
pearl milletpoison camas
pearlweedpoison dogwood
pearlwortpoison hemlock
pearly everlastingpoison ivy
peasecodpoison mercury
peat mosspoison milkweed
pebble plantpoison oak
pecanpoison parsley
pecan treepoison pea
pecopterispoison sumac
pedate leafpoisonous nightshade
pedicelpoisonous parasol
pediclepoisonous plant
pedilanthus bracteatuspoke milkweed
pedilanthus pavonispoker alumroot
Pediocactuspoker heuchera
pediocactus knowltoniipoker plant
pedunculate oakpokeweed family
peepulpolanisia dodecandra
peireskiapolanisia graveolens
pelargoniumpole bean
pelargonium graveolenspolecat weed
pelargonium hortorumpolemoniaceae
pelargonium limoneumpolemoniales
pelargonium peltatumPolemonium
Pelargonium (geranium)polemonium boreale
Pellaeapolemonium caeruleum
pellaea andromedifoliapolemonium reptans
pellaea atropurpureapolemonium viscosum
pellaea mucronataPolianthes
pellaea ornithopuspolianthes tuberosa
pellaea rotundifoliaPoliothyrsis
pellicularia kolerogapollen
pellitorypollen tube
peltandra virginicapolyanthus
Peltandra (arrow arum)polybotria
peltate leafpolybotria cervina
peltiphyllum peltatumpolybotrya cervina
Peltophorumpolygala alba
pencil cedarpolygala lutea
pencil cedar treepolygala paucifolia
penicilliumpolygala senega
Peniocereuspolygala vulgaris
pennisetum americanumpolygonaceae
pennisetum cenchroidespolygonales
pennisetum glaucumPolygonatum
pennisetum ruppeliipolygonatum biflorum
pennisetum setaceumpolygonatum commutatum
pennistum villosumPolygonum
penny grasspolygonum aubertii
pennycresspolygonum fagopyrum
pennyroyalpolygonum orientale
pennyroyal oilpolypodiaceae
penstemon barbatusPolypodium
penstemon cyananthuspolypodium aureum
penstemon davidsoniipolypodium glycyrrhiza
penstemon deustuspolypodium scouleri
penstemon doliuspolypodium virgianum
penstemon fruticosuspolypodium vulgare
penstemon linarioidespolypody
penstemon newberryipolyporaceae
penstemon palmeripolypore
penstemon parryipolyporus
penstemon rupicolapolyporus frondosus
penstemon rydbergiipolyporus squamosus
penstemon serrulatuspolyporus tenuiculus
penstemon whippleanusPolyscias
Pentaglottispolystichum aculeatum
Pentaspolystichum braunii
peonypolystichum lonchitis
peony familypolystichum scopulinum
Peperomiapolystichum setiferum
peperomia argyreiapomaderris
peperomia sandersiipomaderris apetala
pepper bushpomegranate
pepper familypomegranate tree
pepper grasspomelo
pepper rootpomelo tree
pepper shrubpomme blanche
pepper treepomme de prairie
pepper vinePoncirus
pepperidgeponcirus trifoliata
peppermintpond apple
peppermint gumpond bald cypress
pepperwoodpond cypress
pepperwortpond lily
Peraphyllumpond pine
perennial peaponderosa pine
perennial ragweedpondweed
perennial ryegrasspondweed family
pereskia aculeatapongamia glabra
perfoliate leafpontederia cordata
perianthPontederia (pickerel weed)
pericallis cruentapopcorn
pericallis hybridapoplar
pericarppoplar tree
perigonepoppy family
perigoniumpoppy mallow
Periplocapopulus alba
periploca graecapopulus balsamifera
perispermpopulus canescens
peristomepopulus deltoides
peritheciumpopulus grandidentata
periwinklepopulus heterophylla
pernambuco woodpopulus nigra
Pernettya populus nigra italica
peronosporapopulus tremula
peronospora destructorpopulus tremuloides
peronospora hyoscyamipopulus trichocarpa
peronospora tabacinaPopulus 
Perovskia pore fungus
Perseapore mushroom
persea americanaporoporo
persea borboniaport jackson fig
persian irisport jackson heath
persian lilacport jackson pine
persian melonport orford cedar
persian violetPortea
persian walnutportia tree
Persicaria portuguese cypress
persimmonportuguese heath
persimmon treeportulaca
persooniaportulaca grandiflora
pertusariaportulaca oleracea
pertusariaceaePortulaca (purslane, moss rose)
peruvian balsamportulacaceae
peruvian barkPortulacaria
peruvian cottonPosoqueria
peruvian lilypossum haw
peruvian mastic treepossum oak
Petasitespost oak
petasites fragranspot marigold
petasites hybriduspot marjoram
petasites sagitattuspot plant
petasites vulgarisPotamogeton
petiolepotamogeton americanus
petiolulepotamogeton crispus
Petreapotamogeton gramineous
petrocoptispotamogeton nodosus
Petrophytumpotato bean
Petrorhagiapotato family
petroselinumpotato fern
petroselinum crispumpotato fungus
Petroselinum (parsley)potato tree
Petteriapotato vine
petteria ramentaceapotato wart fungus
petty morelpotentilla
petty spurgepotentilla anserina
petty whinPotentilla (cinquefoil)
petunia axillarispoterium sanguisorba
petunia hybridaPothos
petunia integrifoliaPotinara 
pezizapouteria zapota
peziza coccineapoverty grass
peziza domicilinapowdery mildew
pezizaceaeprairia sabbatia
pezizalesprairie anemone
Phaceliaprairie aster
phacelia campanulariaprairie berry
phacelia minorprairie coneflower
phacelia tanacetifoliaprairie cordgrass
phacelia whitlaviaprairie crab
Phaedranassa (queen lily)prairie dock
phaiusprairie gentian
Phaius (an orchid genus)prairie golden aster
phalaenopsisprairie gourd
phalaenopsis amabilisprairie gourd vine
Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)prairie grass
Phalarisprairie lotus
phalaris aquaticaprairie mallow
phalaris arundinaceaprairie mimosa
phalaris canariensisprairie orchid
phalaris tuberosaprairie rocket
phallaceaeprairie sage
phallalesprairie sagewort
phallus impudicusprairie smoke
phallus raveneliiprairie star
phalsaprairie sunflower
phanerogamprairie trefoil
phanerogamaeprairie trillium
phantom orchidprairie willow
phaseolus aconitifoliusprenanthes
phaseolus angularisprenanthes alba
phaseolus aureusprenanthes purpurea
phaseolus caracallaprenanthes serpentaria
phaseolus coccineuspricker
phaseolus limensisprickle
phaseolus lunatusprickly ash
phaseolus multiflorusprickly custard apple
phaseolus vulgarisprickly lettuce
Phebaliumprickly pear
phegopterisprickly pear cactus
phegopteris connectilisprickly pine
Phegopteris (beech fern)prickly poppy
phellodendronprickly shield fern
phellodendron amurensepride of barbados
Phellodendron (cork tree)pride of bolivia
philadelphaceaepride of california
philadelphia fleabaneprimrose
philadelphusprimrose family
philadelphus coronariusprimrose jasmine
Philadelphus (mock orange)primula
Philageria (hybrid genus)primula auricula
Philesiaprimula elatior
philippine cedarprimula polyantha
philippine mahoganyprimula sinensis
Phillyreaprimula veris
Philodendronprimula vulgaris
PhlebodiumPrimula (primrose)
phlebodium aureumprimulaceae
phleum pratenseprince albert yew
phloemprince of wales heath
Phlomisprincess feather
phlomis fruticosaprincess pine
phlox bifidaPrinsepia
phlox familyPritchardia
phlox stellariapritzelago
phlox subulatapritzelago alpina
phoenixprivet andromeda
phoenix dactyliferaproboscidea
phoenix treeproboscidea arenaria
Phoenix (date palm)proboscidea fragrans
pholidotaproboscidea louisianica
pholiotaProboscidea (unicorn plant)
pholiota astragalinaproboscis flower
pholiota aureaprogymnosperm
pholiota destruensPromenaea an orchid genus
pholiota flammanspromycelium
pholiota flavidaprop root
pholiota namekoprophyll
pholiota squarrosaprosopis
pholiota squarrosoidesprosopis glandulosa
pholistomaprosopis juliflora
pholistoma auritumprosopis juliiflora
phoradendronprosopis pubescens
phoradendron flavescensProsopis (mesquite)
phoradendron serotinumProstanthera 
Photiniaprotea cynaroides
photinia arbutifoliaprotea family
phragmipediumprotea mellifera
Phragmipedium (an orchid genus)proteaceae
phragmites communisprotium
Phragmites (reed)protium guianense
Phuopsisprotium heptaphyllum
phycomycetes groupprumnopitys amara
Phygeliusprumnopitys andina
Phylica (Cape myrtle)prumnopitys elegans
phyllitisprumnopitys ferruginea
phyllitis scolopendriumprumnopitys taxifolia
phyllocladaceaeprunella vulgaris
phyllocladePrunella (self-heal)
phyllocladus alpinusprunus alleghaniensis
Phyllocladus (toatoa)prunus americana
phyllodeprunus amygdalus
Phyllodoceprunus angustifolia
phyllodoce breweriprunus armeniaca
phyllodoce caeruleaprunus avium
phylloporusprunus besseyi
Phyllostachysprunus capuli
phyllostachys aureaprunus caroliniana
phyllostachys nigraprunus cerasifera
Phyllothamnus (hybrid genus)prunus cerasus
physalisprunus cerasus austera
physalis alkekengiprunus cerasus marasca
physalis ixocarpaprunus cuneata
physalis peruvianaprunus dasycarpa
physalis philadelphicaprunus demissa
physalis pruinosaprunus domestica
physalis pubescensprunus dulcis
physalis viscosaprunus dulcis amara
Physalis (ground cherry)prunus glandulosa
physariaprunus ilicifolia
Physaria (bladderpod)prunus incisa
physic nutprunus insititia
Physocarpusprunus japonica
Physoplexisprunus laurocerasus
Physostegiaprunus lyonii
physostegia virginianaprunus maritima
physostigmaprunus mexicana
physostigma venenosumprunus mume
physostigmineprunus nigra
phytelephasprunus padus
phytelephas macrocarpaprunus pensylvanica
Phyteumaprunus persica
phytolaccaprunus pumila
phytolacca acinosaprunus salicina
phytolacca americanaprunus serotina
phytolacca dioicaprunus serrulata
Phytolacca (pokeweed)prunus sieboldii
phytolaccaceaeprunus spinosa
phytophthoraprunus subcordata
phytophthora infestansprunus subhirtella
piaprunus susquehanae
piassava palmprunus tenella
piceaprunus triloba
picea abiesprunus virginiana
picea brewerianaPrunus 
picea engelmanniiprussian asparagus
picea glaucaPseuderanthemum
picea marianapseudobombax
picea obovatapseudobombax ellipticum
picea orientalispseudobulb
picea pungenspseudocarp
picea rubenspseudocolus
picea sitchensispseudocolus fusiformis
Picea (spruce)Pseudocydonia
pickaback plantpseudolarix amabilis
pickerel weedPseudolarix (golden-larch)
pickerelweed familypseudophloem
pickeringia montanapseudotaxus
Picrasmapseudotaxus chienii
picrasma excelsapseudotsuga
picrasma excelsumpseudotsuga macrocarpa
picrispseudotsuga menziesii
picris echioidesPseudotsuga (douglas-fir)
pie plantPseudowintera
Pierispseudowintera colorata
pieris floribundapsidium
pieris japonicapsidium cattleianum
pig laurelpsidium guajava
pigeon berrypsidium guineense
pigeon peapsidium littorale
piggyback plantpsilophytaceae
pigmy talinumpsilophytales
pignut hickorypsilophyton
pilea involucratapsilotales
pilea microphyllapsilotatae
pilea pumillaPsilotum
Pileostegiapsilotum nudum
pillwortpsoralea esculenta
pilosella aurantiacapsychopsis krameriana
pilosella officinarumpsychopsis papilio
PilosocereusPsychopsis (butterfly orchid)
pilularia globuliferapsychotria capensis
PimeleaPsylliostachys (statice)
pimenta acrisPtelea
pimenta dioicapteretis
pimenta officinalispteretis struthiopteris
pimento treepteridium
pimpernelpteridium aquilinum
Pimpinellapteridium esculentum
pimpinella anisumpteridophyta
pin cherrypteridophyte
pin cloverpteridosperm
pin grasspteridospermae
pin oakpteridospermaphyta
Pinckneyapteris cretica
pinckneya pubenspteris multifida
pincushion flowerpteris serrulata
pincushion hakeaPteris (brake, table fern)
pine familypterocarpus
pine fernpterocarpus angolensis
pine hyacinthpterocarpus indicus
pine lilypterocarpus macrocarpus
pine treepterocarpus marsupium
pineapplepterocarpus santalinus
pineapple familypterocarya
pineapple plantpterocarya fraxinifolia
pineapple weedPterocarya (wingnut)
pinguiculapteropogon humboltianum
Pinguicula (butterwort)pteropsida
pink callapterostylis
pink disease fungusPterostyrax
pink familyPtilotus
pink fivecornerPtychosperma
pink fritillarypuccinia
pink of my johnpuccinia graminis
pink paper daisypucciniaceae
pink sand verbenapuccoon
pink showerpuckerbush
pink shower treepudding berry
pinnapudding pipe tree
pinnate leafPueraria
pinnulepueraria lobata
pinon pinepuka
pinopsidapulasan tree
pinot grapepulicaria dysenterica
pinusPulmonaria (lungwort)
pinus albicaulispulp
pinus aristataPulsatilla
pinus attenuatapulsatilla occidentalis
pinus banksianapulsatilla patens
pinus californiarumpulsatilla vulgaris
pinus cembraPultenaea
pinus cembroidespummelo
pinus contortapumpkin
pinus densiflorapumpkin ash
pinus echinatapumpkin vine
pinus edulispungapung
pinus flexilispunica
pinus glabrapunica granatum
pinus jeffreyiPunica (pomegranate)
pinus longaevapunicaceae
pinus monophyllapurau
pinus monticolapurging cassia
pinus mugopurple amaranth

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