Unlock Opportunities: English Language Institute Seeks Conversation Group Leaders


Join the Team! Help Foster Language Proficiency and Cultural Exchange as a Conversation Group Leader with the English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) is actively seeking dedicated volunteers to serve as conversation group leaders for the current semester. The initiative involves meeting in person with a small group of ELI students, fostering casual conversations on diverse topics. These sessions, held once a week from 12:15-1 p.m. at the College of Professional Studies, offer students an informal setting to enhance their English language skills.

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As a conversation group leader, your role includes introducing engaging topics, facilitating discussions, and answering questions about Syracuse University and U.S. culture. The aim is to provide students with a platform to practice and apply their English skills beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Topics for discussion can span a wide range, from holidays and sports to food and English slang. This unique opportunity allows volunteers to contribute to the language learning journey of ELI students while promoting cross-cultural understanding.

If you’re passionate about language education and cultural exchange, seize this chance to become a conversation group leader. For inquiries or to express your interest, reach out to Kelsey Gillette, international student advisor at the College of Professional Studies, via email at kgille02@syr.edu. Join ELI in making a difference in language education and fostering a welcoming community for international students.

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