What are Compound Adjectives?

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Compound Adjectives Definition What Are compound Adjectives? Learn exactly how to develop compound adjectives. Compound adjectives are adjectives that are composed of two or even more words normally with hyphens (-) between them. If you recognize your grammar, you’re most likely already well aware of adjectives. To place it merely, … Read more

What are Demonstrative Adjectives?

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What are Demonstrative Adjectives? Using demonstrative adjectives in your written and spoken English is a fantastic method to enhance your sentences and more descriptive. There are a variety of demonstrative adjectives that are used in English that can be used to describe the location of the subject in time or space. … Read more

What are Proper Adjectives?

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What are Proper Adjectives? A proper adjective is derived from a proper noun. Therefore, exactly like an adjective, it modifies a noun or a pronoun, and like a proper noun, it is capitalized first letter. Most of the proper adjectives are made using the names of cities, countries, religions, or people. For example, … Read more

What are Possessive Adjectives?

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What are Possessive Adjectives? There are many different kinds of adjectives that are part of the English language. It can be confusing. It doesn’t have to be. In this article, we’re going to examine possessive adjectives and the ways they can be used in sentences. We will also examine several examples of possessive adjectives … Read more

Adjectives to Describe Yourself

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If you could describe yourself in just three words do you know what words you’d pick? It’s not as easy as it sounds, and finding them is more difficult than you’d believe. This is why we’ve put together a list of 500 words that describe yourself. However, this isn’t an ordinary list. We’ve divided the list … Read more

500 English Adjectives that Describe Personality

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What are adjectives? Are you searching for English Adjectives that Describe Personality, for your kids? Are you searching for printable worksheets about adjectives? You are in the right place! What are Adjectives? What exactly are adjectives? In the simplest terms, an adjective is a word used to define a noun. The adjectives … Read more

What are Adjectives? Definition, Types, Usage with Examples

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What are adjectives? Are you searching for types of adjectives, for your kids? Are you searching for printable worksheets about adjectives? You are in the right place! The beginning with adjectives is an excellent starting point if you would like for grammar lessons for children in preschool or kindergartners to increase grammar … Read more

Sentence: Definition, Structures, Types, Useful Examples

A sentence is the most important unit in any language. In English, it starts with capital letters and is ended with a full stop, a question mark and an exclamation mark. A sentence is an individual phrase, clause, or a set of words or clauses that convey a whole concept. Sentences are … Read more

Verb Tenses: 12 English Tenses with Useful Tenses Charts

Do you wish to improve the quality of your English verb tense knowledge? In the present, past, and future, do you understand the tenses of your verbs? This article for teachers can aid in boosting your memory.  English Tenses can be useful when learning to speak the English language from … Read more