Prepositions of Movement


Welcome to Prepositions of Movement. These quizzes are designed to understand Prepositions of movement online. You need to determine which rule of preposition of movement is applied. Learn more about each of these example exercises if you're not familiar with them.

Online multiple-choice grammar test questions are equally beneficial for ESL/EFL students and teachers. Practice quizzes with answers covering prepositions of movement.

1. I don’t know how I managed to get ______ this mess.

2. I like skiing ___________ big mountains.

4. The dog is ___________ the bed.

5. I saw them. They were walking __________ the town.

6. Put the toys _______ the basket, please.

7. Our school is ______________ the park.

8. The train is going _____________ the tunnel.

10. The shoes are ___________ the sofa.

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