Preposition of Place Quiz


Welcome to Preposition of Place Quiz. These quizzes are designed to understand Prepositions of place online. You need to determine which rule of preposition of place is applied. Learn more about each of these example exercises if you're not familiar with them.

Online multiple-choice grammar test questions are equally beneficial for ESL/EFL students and teachers. Practice quizzes with answers covering prepositions of place.

1. She went _____ the hill.

2. He sat _____ the table.

3. I’m growing tomatoes _____ my garden.

4. What’s _____ the menu this night?

5. Look _____ the girl in the picture.

6. Look _____ the picture on the wall.

7. The cat is _____ the chair.

8. The plane is just _____ the the cloud.

9. She held the umbrella _____ both of us.

10. Amelia walked _____ the field.

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