Coordinating Conjunctions Online Quizzes


Welcome to Coordinating Conjunctions Online Quizzes. These quizzes are designed to understand online Coordinating Conjunctions. Coordinating Conjunctions, you need to determine which rule of Coordinating Conjunctions is applied. Learn more about each of these Coordinating Conjunctions if you're not familiar with them.

Online multiple-choice grammar test questions are equally beneficial for ESL/EFL students and teachers. Practice quizzes with answers covering coordinating conjunctions.

Sophie was cold, __________ she put on a coat.

Alexander tried to read a novel in German, __________ it was too difficult.

To get from Vancouver to Victoria, they can fly, __________ they can ride the ferry.

She bought a bottle of wine, __________ they drank it together.

The waiter was not very nice, __________ the food was tasty.

Henry will be late to work, __________ he has a dental appointment.

I am allergic to dogs, __________ I have three of them.

Victoria does not like to swim, __________ does she enjoy biking.

Anastasia has a guitar, __________ she plays it really well.

Sebastian needed some money, __________ he took a part-time job.

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