12 Verb Tenses Worksheets

Verb tenses are English speakers’ tools to express their time in English. The present tense describes an action that takes place right now. The past verb’s tense refers to an action that took place previously. The future verb’s tense refers to an event that will occur. The Verb Tenses worksheets … Read more

Parts of Speech Worksheets

Understanding parts of speech can aid your students in understanding the ways that other languages work—knowing how the various parts of speech function will enable students to understand the principles in sentence construction and grammar. I hope that these Free parts of speech worksheets will assist you in achieving your goals. In English grammar, … Read more

Sentence: Definition, Structures, Types, Useful Examples

A sentence is the most important unit in any language. In English, it starts with capital letters and is ended with a full stop, a question mark and an exclamation mark. A sentence is an individual phrase, clause, or a set of words or clauses that convey a whole concept. Sentences are … Read more

Verb Tenses: 12 English Tenses with Useful Tenses Charts

Do you wish to improve the quality of your English verb tense knowledge? In the present, past, and future, do you understand the tenses of your verbs? This article for teachers can aid in boosting your memory.  English Tenses can be useful when learning to speak the English language from … Read more

Parts of Speech: English Grammar Guide with Examples

English Grammar, English Grammar Guide, Parts of Speech

Some grammar sources classify English into 8 parts of speech. Some sources say that there are 9. Here at ESLBlock.com, we explain the most recent categorization system as 10 parts of speech. We can classify English words into ten types referred to as “parts of speech” or “word classes.” It’s crucial to know the different parts of speech. This … Read more